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Translational Genomics Research Branch

Dr. Emily HarrisDr. Emily Harris, Chief, 301-594-4846



Translational Genomics Research Branch




Dr. Emily L. Harris
Program Director

Translational Genetics and Genomics Program
  • Genetic/Genomic Research using Epidemiologic and Family-based Methods
  • Gene Discovery using High-throughput Technologies
  • Gene-Environment Interaction

Dr. Steven Scholnick
Program Director

Developmental Biology and Genetics Program


  • Craniofacial Development
  • Craniofacial Birth Defects
  • Developmental Genetics 


The Translational Genomics Research Branch

  • Coordinates the NIDCR basic and translational genomics research program that spans the extramural research program

  • Collaborates with NIDCR program staff in setting an overall agenda for basic and translational genomics research related to the mission of NIDCR

  • Coordinates the implementation of this genomics research agenda

  • Provides scientific expertise to NIDCR in designing and developing genomic technology application and development efforts and in identifying opportunities to expand the application of emerging technologies related to human and microbial genetics and genomics

  • Maintains liaison for genomics research with the NIDCR extramural research community


This page last updated: March 19, 2012