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National Guard 375th Anniversary

Born from humble beginnings in the colony of Massachusetts on December 13, 1636, the National Guard celebrates its 375th birthday in service to America, both at home and abroad. To honor this momentous milestone, the US Government Bookstore presents this collection of new and best-selling National Guard publications.

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The National Guard and the War on Terror: Operation Iraqi Freedom

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, National Guard Bureau, Office of Public Affairs, Historical Services Division

Description: Third and final volume in a series that records the National Guard's participation to date in America's first war of the twenty-first century. Recounts an informative and educational account of the National Guard's role in the war on terror as demonstrated by the service of citizen-soldiers and airmen in the first years of the Iraq War. Provides a battle history of the National Guard's role in that war.

Year/Pages: 2008: 116 p.; ill.

Price: $19.00 Add To Cart

The Role of Federal Military Forces in Domestic Disorders, 1789-1878 (Paperback)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

Description: Army Historical Series. Provides a survey of the use of federal forces, including federalized militia and National Guard, in domestic disturbances, with special emphasis on legal and constitutional issues.

Year/Pages: 1988: 378 p.; ill.

Price: $33.00 Add To Cart

Guide to United States Army Museums (2005 revision)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

Description: Update and expansion of the 1992 edition. Prepared especially for Army personnel and their families and for historians. Provides a guide to exhibits and artifacts in the Army museum system. Also includes information about National Guard museums and historical holdings.

Year/Pages: 2005: 163 p.; ill. revised ed.

Price: $3.75 Add To Cart

Aviation (Paperback)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

Description: Contains lineages, honors, heraldic items, and bibliographies of the 1st Aviation Brigade and of all Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard aviation groups and battalions as of May 1, 1983.

Year/Pages: 1986: 166 p.; ill.

Price: $30.00 Add To Cart

Signal Corps (Paperbound)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

Description: Compiled by Rebecca Robbins Raines. The Signal Corps began in 1860. The earliest permanent signal units were formed in the National Guard in the 1880s. This volume presents official organizational history information for Signal Corps units at battalion level or above that are organized under Table of Organization and Equipment. This compilation features lineage and heraldic data for 176 signal units.

Year/Pages: 2005: 525 p.; ill.

Price: $61.00 Add To Cart

Army Sustainability: Professional Bulletin of United States Army Logistics

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Army Logistics Center

Description: Bimonthly periodical. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year. Subscription service begins with the first issue after the order is processed. Copies of the latest 3 issues are retained in stock for individual purchase. Single copy, $9.00; foreign single copy, $12.60. Provides timely and authoritative information on United States Army logistics plans, policies, doctrine, procedures, operations, and developments to the Active Army, Army National Guard, and United States Army Reserve. Title formerly: Army Logistician.

Price: $30.00 Add To Cart

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