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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Science & Research

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Science & Research Topics

About Science & Research at FDA

An overview of science and research projects across the various components of FDA.

Science Career Opportunities

Links to the many avenues available for individuals interested in pursuing a career at FDA.

Funding for Rare Diseases and Pediatric Device Consortia

FDA's role in providing incentives for sponsors to develop products for rare diseases.

Bioinformatics Tools

Tools for analyzing and integrating genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics datasets.

Collaborative Opportunities

Information to help FDA and potential collaborators transfer federal technology to the commercial marketplace.

Science and Research Special Topics

Women's health, pediatrics, the Critical Path Initiative, nanotechnology, clinical trials, and peer reviews of scientific information.

Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops

FDA science-related gatherings, including the Science Forum, Science Writers Symposium, and public science meetings.

Field Science and Laboratories

ORA Laboratory Profiles, Laboratory Manual, Laboratory Information Bulletins, Policy for consumer product tests, training laboratory staff, report writing, private laboratory report reviews, and testimony.


Research at FDA

  • Biologics
    Research by FDA Staff to Evaluate and Enhance the Safety of Biologic Products
  • Food Information on Food-related research areas, risk assessments, laboratory methods, selected scientific publications and presentations on food safety and nutrition.
  • Medical Devices
    Biology, Physics, Chemistry & Materials Science, Solid & Fluid Machanics, Imaging & Applies Mathematics, Electrical & Software Engineering
  • Drugs
    Research by FDA Staff to Evaluate and Enhance the Efficacy, Safety, and Quality of Drug Products
  • Animal and Veterinary
    Research Areas, Publications
  • Women's Health Research
    Funding available to researchers, Pregnancy intiatives, Outcomes of Science Program efforts
  • Toxicological Research
    Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computational Toxicology, Food Protection, Imaging, Nanotechnology