Questions: Methadone Research Web Guide

  1. Methadone maintenance treatment has been proven effective in the United States, but not in other countries.
  2. The efficacy of methadone maintenance treatment in reducing illegal opioid use is dose-dependent.
  3. Methadone maintenance treatment significantly reduces criminal activity.
  4. Methadone maintenance treatment is also effective for treating dependence on alcohol and other drugs.
  5. Methadone maintenance treatment has few long-term side effects.
  6. Methadone maintenance is cost-effective.
  7. Illegal opioid use while in methadone maintenance treatment is not influenced by the provision of psychosocial and medical services.
  8. NIDA-supported research has suggested that the minimum effective dosage for most methadone maintenance patients is 60 mg per day.
  9. Patients' emotional, psychological, and social well-being are irrelevant in predicting the success of methadone maintenance treatment.
  10. Providing methadone maintenance therapy does not improve retention rates in opioid addiction treatment programs.
  11. Court-ordered methadone maintenance treatment is as effective as voluntary treatment.
  12. Methadone maintenance treatment can be discontinued as soon as the patient has completed 12 months free of any heroin use.
  13. Methadone maintenance treatment can reduce sexual risk behaviors for HIV infection.
  14. Simply dispensing methadone will reduce drug use and HIV infection risk behaviors.
  15. Methadone maintenance treatment is effective at preventing the spread of the HIV infection.
  16. Female injection drug users may require more specialized psychosocial services than male injection drug users do in methadone maintenance treatment.
  17. The benefits of methadone treatment outweigh the risks for pregnant or nursing women and their babies.
  18. Women in methadone maintenance treatment who become pregnant may require higher doses of methadone.
  19. Buprenorphine is an effective alternative to methadone maintenance treatment.
  20. The risks of methadone or buprenorphine abuse outweigh their benefits.

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