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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
07/16/2009   National Environmental Medicine Education and Consultation Project   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   CDC-RFA-TS09-903  
05/12/2010   AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) National Center for Expansion of HIV Care in Minority Communities: Building Capacity in Community Health Centers   Health Resources & Services Administration   HRSA-10-121  
05/14/2010   Minor Use Minor Species Development of Drugs; Research Project Grant (R01)   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-001  
05/27/2010   American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   CDC-RFA-DP09-91203ARRA09  
06/11/2010   Food Safety and Security Monitoring Project (U18), FERN Radiological Health Laboratories   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-004  
07/07/2010   "Grants to States for Health Insurance Premium Review-Cycle I" Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (OCIIO)   CMS-Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight   RFA-FD-10-999  
07/15/2010   Feed Safety and BSE/Ruminant Feed Ban Support Project (U18)   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-002  
08/11/2010   Scientific Priorities to Improve the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis and other Tropical Diseases.   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-016  
08/19/2010   Fiscal Year 2010 Directed Source Award   Office of the National Coordinator   HHS-2010-ONC-EV-001  
12/15/2010   Food Safety and Security Monitoring Project (U18), FERN Chemical Laboratories   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-003  
01/05/2011   American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, State Grants to Promote Health Information Technology (Health Information Exchange Challenge Program)   Office of the National Coordinator   EP-HIT-10-002  
05/19/2011   Accelerating Adoption of Consumer/Participant Direction Philosophy and Models, including the Cash and Counseling Model, throughout the Aging Network: Making Consumer Direction Accessible to All   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-CP-1109  
05/20/2011   Lifespan Respite Care Program   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-LR-1103  
06/02/2011   Data Concepts and Terminology Standards for Clinical Research and Drug Development (R24)   Food & Drug Administration   PAR-11-209  
07/18/2011   Health Care Fraud Prevention Program Expansion and SMP Capacity Building Grants   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-MP-1112  
07/27/2011   Accelerating Integrated, Evidence-Based, and Sustainable Service Systems for Older Adults, Individuals with Disabilities and Family Caregivers   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-AA-1113  
07/27/2011   Creating Dementia Capable, Sustainable Service Systems For Persons With Dementia And Their Family Caregivers   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-DS-1114  
08/01/2011   National Hispanic Senior Medicare Patrol   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-MP-1116  
08/17/2011   National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-NU-1117  
08/19/2011   National Adult Protective Services Resource Center   Administration on Aging   HHS-2011-AOA-ER-1115  

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