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After integration, NTIA and the FCC review each grantee's process and also review each NBM record by comparing it to other government and third-party datasets. Comparisons to other existing datasets help to identify the extent to which data collected under this effort matches availability and speed information that have been collected elsewhere. Multiple matches can help solidify confidence in a given result, but because data this granular has never been collected before, non-matches do not indicate that the information is inaccurate.

Meta Analysis

By incorporating a meta analysis into the review process, we are able to develop a baseline of sources and methodologies employed by each grantee. We review each grantee's process to determine if they undertook common mechanisms of collection and verification, and to identify emerging best practices.

Record Level Analysis

We conduct a record-level assessment of all data submitted by grantees, including wireline, wireless, technology type and advertised speed. We compare the data with alternative data sources and then perform Type I and Type II tests. The results of this analysis are available in the search results on the NBM.

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