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IGOR Pro 6.2 New Features

IGOR Pro 6 Brochure (PDF, 4.4MB)

Product Updates

The latest release of IGOR Pro is version 6.22A.

The latest release of the Japanese version of IGOR Pro is 6.22J.

The latest release of the XOP Tookit is version 6.02.

IGOR NIDAQ Tools MX 1.05 now available.

The latest release of IFDL is version 4.02.

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IGOR Pro 6.22A released.

IGOR XOP Toolkit

Allows a C programmer to extend IGOR Pro. Add operations, functions, menus, dialogs, and windows for data analysis, data acquisition or other purposes.


Acquire data directly into IGOR Pro. Supports data acquisition devices made by National Instruments.

IGOR Filter Design Laboratory

Design FIR (Finite Impulse Response) and IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) filters and to apply them to your data.

IGOR Pro 6 is an extraordinarily powerful and extensible scientific graphing, data analysis, image processing and programming software tool for scientists and engineers.

The IGOR scientific graphing and data analysis program has been in active development since its introduction on Macintosh in 1988.