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A Little Luck, a Lot of Pluck, a New Home for Youth
In just a few short months, a Washington, DC, organization garnered the money, materials and manpower to begin renovating a dilapidated house.

'Ending Homelessness is a Team Sport'
NCFY joined with Street Soccer USA to put together a slideshow of photos and stories of young people who played in the 2011 Street Soccer USA Cup last June.

Piecing Together a Mural at Carolina Youth Development Center
Young people often enter Carolina Youth Development Center's residential programs feeling lost and broken. The center helps them put the pieces of their lives back together.

Video Series

How Are You Fighting Youth Homelessness?

Jeff Allen at the 2012 Pathways to Adulthood Conference
At the 2012 Pathways Conference, the National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth asked youth service providers two questions: "What's your community doing to fight youth homelessness?" and "What help do you need to keep fighting youth homelessness?"

My Most Meaningful Relationship

My Most Meaningful Relationship: Marcus
A former foster youth from Michigan explains why his adoptive mom has been the most helpful and supportive person in his life.

When Did You Make the Biggest Difference?

NCFY Asks: When Did You Make the Biggest Difference, Enzi Tanner?
NCFY asked a group of youth workers when they feel they made the biggest difference in a youth's life. Enzi Tanner, a street outreach worker for Lutheran Social Services in St. Paul, MN, remembers helping a young person to enter a shelter and get off the streets. That young person has since moved on to a transitional living program.  

NCFY Asks: What's Your Elevator Speech?

NCFY Asks: What's Your Elevator Speech, Cindy Williams?
As part of our new video series, Cindy Williams of Loving Arms, Inc. demonstrates her "elevator speech," a quick speech explaining what the organization does.

What Makes a Good Youth Worker

What Makes a Good Youth Worker, Melissa Moody?
According to Melissa Moody and Dawn Novy, both of Volunteers for America of Northern New England, a successful youth worker has to be compassionate and empathetic.

Interactive Videos

Keep in Touch: Young People Offer Advice on Staying Connected and Living Independently multimedia presentation        Speak Up: Using What You've Got to Get What You Want multimedia presentationEnglish version Spanish version
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