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Frequently Asked Questions about newborn bloodspot screening

Find out the answers to the following questions and more. Why does my baby need Newborn Screening tests? How will my baby be tested? How will I get the results of the test?

Conditions Screened by US Programs

Chart listing disorders tested by state.

State Newborn Screening Program Contacts

PDF file containing contact information for the laboratory and follow-up coordinators in each state's and territory's newborn screening program.

Hearing Screening

Hearing screening resources, state screening programs, legislation, organizations, and parent education links.

Disorder Fact Sheets

Disorder Fact Sheets for parents provided by the Screening, Technology And Research in Genetics (STAR-G) Project.

Additional Testing

List of companies which charge a fee for additional screening that may not be offered in your state.

Genetics Information

Links to genetics counseling, family forums, and fact sheets on genetics.

Support and Advocacy Groups. Links to support groups for newborn screening disorders, other genetics disorders, and birth defects.