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Public Engagement

photo collage of USCIS Director for OPE landing

USCIS is dedicated to ensuring that stakeholders are fully informed of our programs and processes.  We want stakeholders to have the opportunity to participate in identifying agency priorities, developing policies and programs, and assessing organizational performance.

Our Goal is to…

  • Build new partnerships and enhance existing relationships with a broad range of stakeholders, including community based and faith-based organizations, state and local government representatives, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders who are interested in USCIS policies and operations.  
  • Maintain a transparent and collaborative approach to policy making and agency operations through information sharing, stakeholder feedback, and engagement opportunities.
  • Have ongoing and robust dialogue with stakeholders to achieve our mission and core values. 

Did You Know…

USCIS hosts frequent engagements on a broad range of issues and welcomes input on topics of concern.  The Program Office responsible for facilitating and coordinating outreach and engagement is the Public Engagement Division (PED). 

To learn more about PED, please visit  In addition, please see the links to the left for information on:

  • Upcoming national and local engagements
  • Notes from previous engagements
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to USCIS

Last updated: 09/11/2012