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Executive Secretary Duties and Responsibilities
Judith E. Dupre Biography

Executive Secretary Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Secretary manages the operations of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (Council) consistent with the goals, priorities, and guidance of Council members. For direction and accountability, the Executive Secretary reports to the Council Chair according to the rules of the agency from which the Executive Secretary is detailed. The principal duties and responsibilities include:

Council Operations. Day-to-day responsibility for:

  • Assisting the Council in its identification and communication of annual goals, strategies, and priorities;
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on annual council goals;
  • Coordinating the interaction of the Council, agency liaisons, task forces, state liaison representatives, and other parties to Council deliberations;
  • Establishing, monitoring, and reporting on the budget;
  • Preparing and distributing the Council's annual Report;
  • Assessing management processes, internal controls, and use of resources; and
  • Providing management oversight of all FFIEC operations.

Task Force Support and Monitoring. Monitoring and supporting the work of task forces and their subcommittees, providing clarification and liaison regarding overall Council policies and objectives, monitoring Council goals and priorities, and providing administrative support requested by the task forces.

Financial Management and Council Administration. Developing and presenting the annual budget to the Council for approval, in consultation with agency liaisons and task force chairs. Managing execution of the budget and overseeing financial management of the Council's activities. The Council's financial activities and statements are audited annually by an external, independent auditor.

Congressional Liaison and Public Relations. Serving as point-of-contact for congressional and press inquiries and requests.

Staff Management. General oversight and management of FFIEC staff, including the Examiner Education Office staff.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data Compilation and Aggregation. Facilitating the Council's HMDA data compilation and aggregation efforts and ensuring they are consistent with mandated requirements and the needs and priorities of the Council and member agencies, as identified by the Task Force on Consumer Compliance (TFCC) and the Council.

Interagency Training. Facilitating the Council's interagency examiner training program and ensuring it is managed in a manner consistent with the needs and priorities of the Council and member agencies, as identified by the Task Force on Examiner Education and the Council.

Community Reinvestment Act. Facilitating the FFIEC efforts to collect, prepare and report Community Reinvestment Act data and ensuring those efforts are consistent with the requirements of the Council and member agencies, as identified by the TFCC and the Council.

Uniform Bank Performance Report. Coordinating the production and distribution of quarterly UBPR and related data.



Judith E. Dupre

Ms. Dupre has served in a variety of capacities in the financial regulatory arena over the past 18 years that provide her with a broad and varied work experience as highlighted below. She has served on several detail assignments, secondments, and collaborative initiatives in support of the FDIC's Supervision and Legal Divisions, the International Association of Deposit Insurers, the Financial Stability Institute, and the Financial Services Volunteer Corps.

  • Acting FFIEC Executive Secretary (February 2011 to September 2011) FFIEC – Washington, DC
  • Senior International Advisor (2007- 2011) FDIC – Washington, DC: Coordinated international banking activities with a focus on building strong relationships with foreign bank regulators and deposit insurers, U.S. government entities and international organizations. Supported outreach, training and technical assistance initiatives provided to foreign officials to promote the development and maintenance of sound banking, supervisory, and deposit insurance systems worldwide.
  • Senior Program Administrator (2005-2007) FFIEC – Washington, DC: Facilitated interagency working groups, coordinated interagency conferences, and oversaw vendor-instructed training programs.
  • Bank Examination Training Specialist (2004) FDIC - Washington, DC: Administered risk management and compliance technical training programs for examiners.
  • Commissioned Compliance Examiner (1999-2003) FDIC - Massachusetts: Performed as Examiner-in-Charge for Compliance and Community Reinvestment Act Examinations.
  • Commissioned Risk Management Examiner (1993-1998) FDIC - Connecticut: Performed as Examiner-in-Charge for Risk Management Examinations with a specialization in fraud investigations.

Ms. Dupre graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bryant University in Rhode Island and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance and a minor in Accounting. Ms. Dupre is a graduate of the USDA Graduate School's Executive Leadership Program and former Chairman of the FDIC's Boston Regional Diversity Council.

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