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Impact Case Studies and Knowledge Transfer Case Studies

AHRQ's Impact Case Studies Program catalogues the impact the Agency's research and resources have on outcomes, quality, cost, use, and access. They demonstrate how AHRQ-funded research, tools, and products are actually being used by Federal and State Government; individual practices, clinics, and hospitals; insurance companies; professional associations; and schools of public health and medicine.

Managed by the Office of Communications and Knowledge Transfer (OCKT), the program objective is to track the impact of AHRQ research and resources and explain that impact in ways policymakers and others can both understand and appreciate. This use of an AHRQ product generally results in one of the following:

  1. Change in a clinical practice.
  2. Change in a policy.
  3. Change in patient outcomes.

Knowledge Transfer Case Studies (identified by the initials "KT") describe results of activities under AHRQ's Knowledge Transfer and Implementation contract program, which is intended to accelerate the dissemination and implementation of AHRQ's evidence-based products, tools, and research findings into the health care system.


Five New Case Studies (December 2012)

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AHRQ's impact case studies are categorized by the Agency's research portfolios:

 Comparative Effectiveness
     Minnesota Department of Human Services Uses AHRQ Evidence Report to Guide Policy Decision for Pregnant Women
     AHRQ Publication Provides Foundation for Health Informatics Curriculum
 Cross-Agency Communications
 Health Information Technology
     Reliant Medical Group/HealthAlliance Hospital Advance Health IT Through Information Exchange
 Patient Safety
     Main Line Health System Uses Patient Safety Culture Survey in Suburban Philadelphia Facilities
 Prevention/Care Management
     Administration on Aging Helps Older Americans Manage Chronic Disease

Current as of December 2012

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Impact Case Studies and Knowledge Transfer Case Studies. December 2012. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


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