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    Travel Warnings RSS Feed Travel Warnings: Get the latest Travel Warnings about long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable.

    Travel Alerts RSS Feed Travel Alerts: Get the latest Travel Alerts about short-term conditions that pose imminent risks to the security of U.S. citizens.

    Travel Warnings & Alerts RSS Feed Travel Warnings & Alerts: Get all the latest travel updates on conditions that pose risk to the security of U.S. citizens.

    Country Specific Information RSS Feed Country Specific Information: Get the latest updates to Country Specific Information about immigration practices, health conditions, security and crime, and more.

    RSS Questions

    What are RSS feeds?
    RSS feeds allow you to receive new content when it's published on a website without having to visit the site. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, the new content arrives directly to your RSS reader. RSS readers allow you to subscribe to many different RSS feeds and to receive and read them all in one place. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and refers to the kind of XML coding that allows this type of online distribution.
    How can I start receiving RSS feeds?
    You have several options for receiving RSS feeds:
    • Online RSS Reader: Creating an account with an online application allows you to log in to see your feeds on any computer. (Example: Google Reader)

    • RSS Reader Application: By downloading and installing an RSS reader application on your computer, you can store the feeds on your computer. (Examples: FeedDemon for Windows or NetNewsWire for Mac)

    • Browser-based RSS reader: Some Web browsers allow you to add RSS feeds as you would add "Favorites" or "Bookmarks". (Example: Internet Explorer 7)

    • Email-based RSS Reader: Some email programs provide a separate inbox for RSS feeds. (Example: Outlook)
    How do I subscribe to your RSS feeds?
    Click on the orange RSS icon RSS icon next to the feed to which you would like to subscribe. This will open a new window. Then:
    1. EITHER, select your RSS reader from the "Subscribe Now" box in the new window and follow the instructions for adding the RSS feed.
    2. OR, copy the URL (Web address) of the new window and paste it into your RSS reader. Follow the instructions provided by your RSS reader.