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Original documents are the raw stuff of history. They are physical links to the past. The original documents of the U.S. Government--those that have been identified as having permanent value--are preserved and made available to the public by NARA.
    This unique book provides concise information about the surviving WWI motion pictures shot by the Army Signal Corps that are held in the NARA.
      Begins with Calvin Coolidge who lit the first national Christmas tree in DC, 1923. Traces Christmas for every President through every year, starting with Calvin Coolidge (updated through the 2006 Christmas).
        "...The great march in E.L. Doctorow’s hands becomes something more-a floating world, a nomadic consciousness, and an unforgettable reading experience with awesome relevance to our own times.”
          Focusing on the citizens of four towns— Luverne, Minnesota; Sacramento, California; Waterbury, Connecticut; Mobile, Alabama; The War follows more than forty people from 1941 to 1945.
            As the highest representative of the people and Government, the President accepts gifts on behalf of the United States of America. This tradition, as old as the Presidency itself, grows with each administration. Today, a President may receive 15,000...
              In the National Archives' regional collections is kept the story of our disputes and our agreements, our struggles and our victories, the images of ourselves, our families, our cities and our culture.