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High Definition ~ December 2008

Robot-assisted Surgery:

  • Robot-assisted prostatectomy with the da Vinci® Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
  • Surgery performed by Dr. Peter Pinto at the NIH Clinical Center
  • Images of the machine and the surgical instruments inside the patient

Robotic Prostatectomy

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High Definition ~ August 2010


  • Various patients receiving treatment in a modern chemotherapy suite
  • Interior and exterior footage from the Cancer Center at St. Josephs Medical Center, an NCI Community Cancer Center (NCCCP)


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High Definition ~ August 2010

Radiation Oncology – Brain Cancer:

  • Treatment of female brain cancer patient, using stereotactic radiation surgery (SRS).
  • Images of an actual procedure, as screws for head frame are attached to the skull. (contains surgical images)
  • Patient positioned for CT scan for diagnostic purposes, then again to receive stereotactic radiation beams to the brain.
  • Monitoring of patient on console, outside of treatment room.

Radiation Oncology:Brain

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High Definition ~ August 2010

Radiation Oncology – CT Tomotherapy:

  • Demonstration of precise beam radiation treatment for head and neck cancer.
  • Demonstration of thermally modifiable mask heating and molding to patient face for immobilization.
  • Simulation of diagnostic CT scan (and patient alignment) as it would be performed on a masked patient to acquire images of treatment site.
  • Dosimetry planning of treatment volume, radiation beam positioning, number and strength, using computer modeling.

Radiation Oncology: CT Tomotherapy

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High Definition ~ August 2010

Radiation Oncology – Prostate Cancer:

  • Demonstration of subject (not a patient) positioned for imaging/treatment on table with immobilization device.
  • Imaging arms positioned to obtain x-ray images of the treatment areas.
  • Radiation delivery via a multi-leaf collimator, which can shape radiation beams, and deliver intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).
  • Radiation therapists verify alignment at console outside of the room.

Radiation Oncology: Prostate Cancer

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Standard Definition ~ August 2003

Older Cancer Treatment Footage:

  • Chemotherapy treatments in 2003
  • Radiation treatments in 2003

Chemotherapy | Radiation

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Video Specifications

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