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Hot Off the Press: January 2013 GRS Update Activities

Most Working Groups identifying requirements for new schedules completed their work. The GRS Team gratefully acknowledges the excellent effort of these volunteers and the agencies that loaned their services. Review Groups (more volunteers!) have been formed and are assisting in further refining draft schedules.

New schedules for Finance Management (Goods & Services Acquisition, Payments, Collections, Accounting)

  • Working Group meetings held January 9 and 16.
  • Review Group meeting held January 31.
  • The group is currently working on merging these schedules into a single schedule for Finance records.
  • Questions? Galen Wilson and Leslie Watson

New schedule for Finance Management (Grants)

  • An RM Communication went out January 22 seeking information from agency grants programs. Appraiser has been conducting meetings with agencies.
  • Questions? Susan Means

New schedules for Technology Management (Systems Development, IT Infrastructure and Maintenance, and IT System Security)

  • Review Group meeting held January 24. Comments due February 15.
  • Questions? Laura McHale

New schedules for Information Management (Records and Information Management)

New schedule for Information Management (Records Related to Electronic Systems)

  • Final Working Group meeting held January 16. Comments due February 15.
  • Review Group meeting held January 23.
  • Questions? Andrea Riley

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Introduction to the General Records Schedules

Schedule 1. Civilian Personnel Records

Schedule 2. Payrolling and Pay Administration Records

Schedule 3. Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records

Schedule 4. Property Disposal Records

Schedule 5. Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records

Schedule 6. Accountable Officers' Accounts Records

Schedule 7. Expenditure Accounting Records

Schedule 8. Stores, Plant, and Cost Accounting Records

Schedule 9. Travel and Transportation Records

Schedule 10. Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Operations Records

Schedule 11. Space and Maintenance Records

Schedule 12. Communications Records

Schedule 13. Printing, Binding, Duplication, and Distribution Records

Schedule 14. Information Services Records

Schedule 15. Housing Records

Schedule 16. Administrative Management Records

Schedule 17. Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, and Engineering Records

Schedule 18. Security and Protective Services Records

Schedule 19. RESERVED

Schedule 20. Electronic Records

FAQs on Using Schedule 20

Schedule 21. Audiovisual Records

Schedule 22. Inspector General Records (WITHDRAWN)

Schedule 23. Records Common to Most Offices Within Agencies

Schedule 24. Information Technology Operations and Management Records

Schedule 25. Ethics Program Records

Schedule 26. Temporary Commissions, Boards, Councils and Committees

Schedule 27. Records of the Chief Information Officer

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