Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Frequently Asked Questions for About FDIC  

Q.What is the FDIC?
A.The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) preserves and promotes public confidence in the U.S. financial system by insuring depositors for at least $250,000 per insured bank; by identifying, monitoring and addressing risks to the deposit insurance funds; and by limiting the effect on the economy and the financial system when a bank or thrift institution fails.
Q.Who is on the Board of Directors? When do they meet?
A.The FDIC Board of Directors is comprised of a chairman, vice chairman and FDIC director, as well the Comptroller of the Currency and the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For biographies of the board members, visit: Board of Directors & Senior Executives. The board meets about once a month. The Board Meetings page contains the announcements, usually provided about one week in advance with specific information regarding each meeting.
Q.Who runs the FDIC?
A.The Organization Directory and Office Contacts contains the names, positions, and phone numbers for FDIC senior executives and managers in headquarters, regional, and field offices.
Q.What is the FDIC's strategic direction?
A. The FDIC publishes our budget, strategic plans, and financial reports on an annual or quarterly basis. The Annual Reports page contains the yearly accomplishments of the corporation, and has each report available from 1996 to the present. The Strategic Plans page contains the long-term strategic plan (currently from 2008-2013) as well as the annual performance plan and information technology strategic plan. Our Financial Reports page contains quarterly Chief Financial Officer's (CFO) Report to the Board as well as our 2010 Budget Executive Summary.
Q.How do I order brochures from the FDIC?
A.Reprintable FDIC Brochures has detailed instructions on how to download and print brochures which financial institutions are welcome to reprint for distribution to their customers and communities.
Q.How do I get in touch with someone at the FDIC?
A.The FDIC's Contact Us page provides instructions on how to contact the FDIC by phone, email, fax or regular mail as well as links to other government financial regulatory agencies.
Q.Can I do contract or legal work for the FDIC?
A.The FDIC frequently uses third party contractors to perform various duties. The Acquisition Policy & Forms spells out the method for becoming a potential contractor for the FDIC. We also provide detailed information on our Minority & Women Outreach Program and will provide opportunities to bid for services through Federal Business Opportunities (www.fedbizopps.gov). Policies and methods to provide legal services are contained in the Information for Prospective Outside Counsel, Legal Support Services Deskbook, and Outside Counsel Deskbook.
Q.How do I file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?
A.The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Service Center provides the ability to submit an electronic FOIA request. If you have already filed a FOIA request with us, you can check on the status of your request by calling the FOIA Service Center at (202) 898-7021. The FOIA Service Center is open Monday through Friday, exclusive of Federal holidays, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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