Download Sections of the Consumer Action Handbook

Download specific sections of the Consumer Action Handbook in PDF format. You can also read it online.

  • Automotive Manufacturers and Dispute Resolution Programs
    If you have a problem with your car and your dealer can't help you, contact the manufacturer or a national dispute program. (PDF)
  • Be a Savvy Consumer: Consumer Topics
    Read this section of the Consumer Action Handbook for advice before you make a purchase. (PDF)
  • Better Business Bureaus
    Find contact information for Better Business Bureau offices nationwide. (PDF)
  • Corporate Consumer Contacts
    Download the directory of the corporate consumer affairs offices to get help with your questions and concerns. (PDF)
  • Federal Agencies
    Use the federal directory to find agencies that enforce, regulate, or provide information on products and services that affect consumers. (PDF)
  • File a Complaint
    Get suggestions on resolving consumer problems and a sample complaint letter to use as a guide. (PDF)
  • Key Information Resources
    Get a list of public resources and contact information, such as libraries, consumer organizations, and resources for military personnel. (PDF)
  • National Consumer Organizations
    Consumer organizations are committed to helping consumers, with advocacy, research, and outreach efforts. (PDF)
  • State, County and City Consumer Protection Offices
    Contact your local consumer protection offices to get help with consumer complaints, get information about consumer laws, and educational materials. (PDF)
  • State Banking Authorities
    Find the agency that oversees state-chartered banks and other financial institutions in your state. (PDF)
  • State Insurance Regulators
    Find the insurance regulator in your state to help you with general insurance questions and to report problems with your insurance company. (PDF)
  • State Securities Administrators
    Download the directory of securities administrator if you have a problem with an investment firm or broker. (PDF)
  • State Utilities Commissions
    Your state utiity commission may be able to help you with a consumer complaint against your local utility company. (PDF)
  • Trade and Professional Organizations
    Check the directory of select trade organizations. They may mediate problems between consumers and their member companies. (PDF)