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ARRA Delivery System Initiative

Presentations and Publications by Recipients of ARRA Delivery System Grants*

AHRQ recently awarded 16 grants on delivery system research and the spread of evidence-based practices through delivery systems. These grants were funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and will end in September 2013. Early presentations and publications, which describe the projects and report early results are described here.

A Comparison of Provider Versus Health Plan Delivered Care Management in Michigan

Principal Investigator: Jodi Summers Holtrop

Summers Holtrop J. Care management in primary care practice. 12th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and Community, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2011 Mar 20-22; Dallas.

Summers Holtrop J. Transforming primary care through quality improvement research. Michigan Family Medicine Research Day, Department of Family Medicine, Michigan State University; 2011 May 26; Howell.

Emeott A, Summers Holtrop J, Tao, M, et al. Patient engagement in provider versus health plan delivered care management. AcademyHealth; Jun 2012; Orlando. Available at: [Plugin Software Help] Exit Disclaimer.

Summers Holtrop J. Improving quality and reducing cost by enhancing care management in primary care practices. AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2012 Sep 9; Rockville, MD.

Summers Holtrop J. Practice-based care management: many paths to chronic disease care. AHRQ Annual Meeting. 2012 Sep 10; Rockville, MD.

Summers Holtrop J, Potworowski G, Green LA, et al. Lessons learned in using normalization process theory as a means of assessing implementation. North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG); 2012 Dec 2; New Orleans.

Summers Holtrop J, Potworowski G, Day A, et al. Features of care management models and implementation success. North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG). 2012 Dec 2; New Orleans.

Summers Holtrop J, Potworowski G, Green LA, et al. Mixed methods processes to study key features of quality in care management programs. North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG). 2012 Dec 2; New Orleans.

Bundled Episode Payment and Gainsharing Demonstration Project

Principal Investigator: Tom Williams

Robinson J. Purchaser initiatives to improve value for spine surgery. Innovative Techniques in Spine Surgery Conference. 2011 Jun 2; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Williams T, Wesley K. A case study: IHA episode payment pilot. National Bundled Payment Summit. 2011 Oct 13; Washington, DC.

Robinson J. Provider payment incentives and consumer cost sharing incentives: the need for alignment. National Conference on Healthcare Clinical Innovations; 2011 Nov 29; Washington, DC. Available at:

Robinson J. Physician payment methods: implications of US experiences for UK reforms. Kings Fund; 2011 Dec 11; London, UK.

Robinson J. Measuring quality and value in orthopedic surgery. American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting; 2012 Feb 2; San Francisco. Available at:

Robinson J. Price transparency and value based purchasing in health services. National Business Coalition on Health; 2012 Feb 16; San Francisco.

Robinson J. Consumer cost sharing: the range of alternatives. Pay-for-Performance Summit; 2012 Mar 20; Los Angeles. Available at: [Plugin Software Help] Exit Disclaimer.

Stansbury J, Dolan E. Commercial PPO episode selection and definition in IHA's bundled episode payment and gainsharing demonstration. IHA Issue Brief No. 7; 2012 May. Available at: [Plugin Software Help] Exit Disclaimer.

Williams T. Real life perspectives on bundled payment implementation. National Bundled Payment Summit (II); 2012 Jun 12; Washington, DC.

Robinson JC, MacPherson K. Payers test reference pricing and centers of excellence to steer patients to low-price and high-quality providers. Health Aff 2012 Sep; 31(9):2028-36. Available at: Exit Disclaimer.

Robinson JC. Providers' payment and delivery system reforms hold both threats and opportunities for the drug and device industries. Health Aff 2012 Sep;31(9):2059-67. Available at: Exit Disclaimer.

Williams T. Implementing bundled payment in a multi-payer collaborative. Network of Regional Health Improvement Educational Webinar; 2012 Sep 25.

Comparative Effectiveness of Comprehensive Care for Adults With SMI

Principal Investigator: Todd Gilmer

Gilmer T. Combining fidelity and research: lessons from a study of California's full service partnerships. Housing First Partners Conference; 2012 Mar 21; New Orleans.

Gilmer T. A full-service program for homeless people with severe mental illness. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting; 2012 Jun; Orlando, FL. Available at: [Plugin Software Help] Exit Disclaimer.

Gilmer T. Providing comprehensive services for the severely mentally ill so as to improve their health while also reducing care Costs. AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2012 Sep 10; Rockville, MD.

Comparative Effectiveness of Primary Care Practice Transformation by Two Insurers

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Malouin

Malouin R. A tale of two pilots: provider and staff perspective on participation in two regional health plan medical home pilots. AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2011 Sep 20; Rockville, MD.

Malouin R. Comparative effectiveness of primary care practice transformation by two insurers. Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) Medical Directors Meeting; 2012 Feb 27; San Antonio.

Comparative Effectiveness of Virginia Coordinated Care Versus the Traditional Safety Net Delivery System

Principal Investigator: Wally Smith

Smith W. Comparative effectiveness of Virginia coordinated care versus the traditional safety net delivery system. AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2010 Sep 27; Rockville, MD. Available at:

Smith W. Early results of costs and utilization, Virginia coordinated care delivery system. AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2011 Sep 20; Rockville, MD. Available at:

Bradley CJ, Ohri Gandhi S, Neumark D, et al. Lessons for coverage expansion: a Virginia primary care program for the uninsured reduced utilization and cut costs. Health Aff 2012 Feb;31(2):350-9. Available at:

Garland S. VCU Health System Population Health Management Initiative. Annual Conference of the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems; 2012 Jun 21; San Francisco. Available at:

Smith W, McClish D, Carcaise-Edinboro P, et al. Preliminary results, comparative effectiveness of Virginia coordinated care delivery system. Virginia Commonwealth University, NAPH/NPHHI Webinar; 2012 Oct 24.

Comparing the Effectiveness of Diabetes Care Interventions in Safety Net Clinics

Principal Investigator: Hector Rodriguez

Rodriguez H. Methodology considerations in delivery systems research. University of California at Berkeley, School of Public Health Colloquium; 2011 Mar 16.

Rodriguez H. Innovative care approaches through research and education. UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity; 2011 Apr 19.

Rodriguez H. Innovations in delivery systems research. Continuing the Conversation Alumni Series, UCLA School of Public Health; 2011 Apr 20.

Friedberg M, Fremont A. RAND: Pilot of GIS system with iCare Quality Improvement and Implementation Team. Online presentation to primary care practice stakeholders and community health workers; 2012 Jan 4.

Rodriguez H. The relationship between team composition and capacity for change in clinics and health centers. Healthcare Organizational Research Association (HORA), Annual Conference; 2012 Jun 6; Ann Arbor, MI.

Informing Sound Policy: Linking Medical Home Measures and Child Health Outcomes

Principal Investigator: Nancy Swigonski

Swigonski N. Measuring quality: do results vary by data richness? Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Society; 2012 Apr 28; Boston, MA. Available at: Exit Disclaimer.

Physician Quality Reporting and Patient Outcomes in Medicare

Principal Investigator: Bryan Dowd

Dowd B. Improving the quality of ambulatory care through public reporting. AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2012 Sep 10; Rockville, MD.

Primary Care Practice Redesign—Successful Strategies

Principal Investigator: Michael Magill

Magill M. Care by Design™ at University of Utah: developing and implementing care management, engaging patients, and assessing cost of care. 2011 AHRQ Annual Meeting; 2011 Sep 20; Rockville, MD. Available at:

Magill M. Culture and Innovation: Insights for Managing Change? AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting; 2012 Jun 26; Orlando. Available at: [Plugin Software Help] Exit Disclaimer.

Other Related Publications

Alexander JA, Hearld LR. Methods and metrics challenges of delivery-system research. Implementation Sci 2012;7(1):15. Available at: Exit Disclaimer.

* Comparative Effectiveness Delivery System Evaluation Grants (R01) and Comparative Effectiveness Delivery System Demonstration Grants (R18).

Current as of January 3, 2013

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