Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Reprintable FDIC Brochures

FDIC occasionally publishes brochures which financial institutions are welcome to reprint for distribution to their customers and communities. Here are source files for the reproduction of current brochures.

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Deposit Insurance Summary
The more you know about FDIC deposit insurance coverage, the safer your money.

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Your Insured Deposits
A comprehensive guide to FDIC deposit insurance coverage.

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Is Foreclosure Knocking at Your Door?
Save Your Home - Mortgage Modification Programs are Available

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Beware of Foreclosure Prevention Scams
If It's Too Good to be True, It Probably Is
Tips for avoiding mortgage foreclosure rescue scams

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Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Overdraft Fees - PDF

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Never Lose a Penny
Never Lose a Penny explains the importance of EDIE (Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator) – an online tool that's simple and easy to use. In just a few steps, EDIE can help make sure that all of the money in bank deposit accounts is 100% FDIC-insured. This brochure also includes the Depositor's Bill of Rights – facts about FDIC insurance that every depositor should know.

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