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GPO Salutes the U.S. Naval War College

More than 100 years ago, on October 6, 1884, Secretary of the Navy William E. Chandler signed General Order 325, which began by simply stating: "A college is hereby established for an advanced course of professional study for naval officers, to be known as the Naval War College." Since its establishment, this unique academic institution has worked to improve the analytical and decision-making skills of its students from around the globe. The Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island is the oldest institution of its kind in the world, and over its 125 years of existence has educated more than 50,000 of the nation’s brightest and best military (and government civilian) minds. To highlight the Naval War College’s history, tradition and service to the Nation, the U.S. Government Printing Office offers for sale a number of publications designed to point out its achievements.

Naval War College Illustrated History and Guide

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: Published in conjunction with the NWC’s 125th anniversary, uses photos, prose, and testimonials to tell the story of the institution that has come to be known as the intellectual bedrock of the naval service. This book skillfully blends the NWC’s history, a summary of its current programs, and a building-by-building tour of the campus into a highly-readable document that provides the reader with a vicarious visit to this historic New England landmark.

Year/Pages: 2010: 152 p.; ill.

Price: $25.00 Add To Cart

Digesting History: The U.S. Naval War College, the Lessons of World War Two, and Future Naval Warfare, 1945-1947

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: Naval War College Historical Monograph Series, 17. Studies the contribution of the Naval War College, especially in the presidency of Admiral Raymond Spruance, to strategic thought during the first critical postwar years-that is, between the end of the war and the formulation of Containment. This transition period is especially valuable as a window through which to explore institutions such as the College in transition from a hot war to a cold one. While seminal studies exist of the College's work in the interwar years, none have been published on this period.

Year/Pages: 2009: 404 p.; ill.

Price: $69.00 Add To Cart

Nineteen-Gun Salute: Case Studies of Operational, Strategic, and Diplomatic Naval Leadership During the 20th and Early 21st Centuries

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: This collection of brief biographies of nineteen U.S. Navy admirals, from W. S. Sims, to Joseph W. Preuher, with conclusions by the editors focusing particularly on leadership skills in the operational and strategic arenas, is sponsored by the Naval War College’s College of Operational and Strategic Leadership and has been jointly produced by the Naval War College Press and the Government Printing Office.

Year/Pages: 2009: 284 p.; ill.

Price: $38.00 Add To Cart

Three Splendid Little Wars: The Diary of Joseph K. Taussig, 1898-1901

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: Naval War College Historical Monograph Series 16. The book reprints a diary found in the Naval War College archives of Joseph K. Taussig, a distinguished U.S. naval officer, kept when as a naval cadet (midshipman and junior officer) he participated in the Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and Boxer Rebellion. The text is supported by helpful editorial notes and introduction, as well as by numerous period photographs and the diarist's sketches of the scenes and events.

Year/Pages: 2009: 130 p.; ill.

Price: $27.00 Add To Cart

Asia Eyes America: Regional Perspectives on U.S. Asian-Pacific Strategy in the Twenty-First Century

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: Contains a collection of papers produced by participants (U.S. and regional scholars and analysts) at a conference, “Asia Eyes America,” held at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, in May 2006. What are the implications of Asia's longer-term transformation for U.S. interests? How might such change reconfigure American security requirements in the next decade and beyond? On what basis does the United States reaffirm yet redefine its enduring commitment to regional order? This volume, a collaborative effort involving prominent specialists on both sides of the Pacific, addresses these issues. The book focuses on underlying attitudes toward American power and policy, especially as viewed by strategic analysts within the region. Various contributors describe contradictory attitudes toward American power. Most states hope to deepen ties with the United States, while avoiding comprehensive envelopment in U.S. strategy. There is a clear tension between the preference for continued American regional involvement, while seeking to limit the possibilities of highly intrusive U.S. policy interventions. Both considerations will continue to shape regional attitudes toward American power, especially U.S. military power.

Year/Pages: 2007: 260 p.

Price: $21.00 Add To Cart

Perspectivas Sobre Estrategia Maritima: Ensayos de las Amricas, la Nueva Estrategia Martima de EE UU y Comentario Sobre Una Estrategia Cooperativa Para el Poder Naval en el Siglo XXI

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: Spanish version of: Perspectives on Maritime Strategy: Essays from the Americas, the New U.S. Maritime Strategy, and Commentary on A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower. Collects and translates into Spanish a set of essays written by Western Hemisphere naval commentators (mostly South American senior naval officers) on the 2007 U.S. maritime strategy during its preparation, as well as several articles by international authors written after the maritime strategy's issuance. All have previously appeared in English by the Naval War College Press.

Year/Pages: 2009: 250 p.; ill.

Price: $23.00 Add To Cart

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