Topics: Native and Rural Youth

native-woman-dancingNative American young people require supports tailored to speak to their unique background, which varies even within Native populations. The Family and Youth Services Bureau has long funded Tribal governments and community organizations that serve Native youth and families.

Young people in rural areas require different types of support than those typically found in urban and suburban settings. FYSB is working to improve supports to homeless youth in rural areas by strengthening state systems and community-based organizations.

The Beat
January 24, 2013
At the 2012 Pathways to Adulthood conference in New Orleans, NCFY interviewed youth workers from all over the country to get their perspective on two questions: "What's your community doing to fight youth homelessness?" And, "What help do you need to keep fighting youth homelessness?"
The United Nation Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY), Inc. and a number of Tribal and non-Tribal organizations across the Nation are working with the U.S. Administration for Children and Families (ACF),...
Podcasts & Multimedia
September 07, 2012

Photograph of a young man wearing a straw hat and carrying a box of produce.Jordan Ryan and Alon Coleman both participate in Youth Farm and Market Project in Minneapolis, MN. They spoke with NCFY about Youth Farm's approach to youth empowerment, and how it helps youth become leaders, step-by-step.


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