• Fires can be an accident or result from malicious acts of arson. Working smoke alarms and an escape plan you have practiced will help keep you and your family or co-workers safe during a fire.

    The following resources from U.S. Government agencies and nonprofit organizations can help you survive and recover with this type of emergency.

    Information from the U.S. Fire Administration about recovering from a fire, including:

    • What to do during the first 24 hours
    • Insurance considerations
    • Valuing your property
    • Replacement of valuable documents
    • Salvage hints and fire department operations

    Explains why you never go back into a burning building for any reason
    (U.S. Fire Administration)

    Guidelines for different circumstances in the period following a fire

    Information on recovering from a fire in your home
    (American Red Cross)

    Explanations of why holes are cut in the floors, ceilings and roofs of homes during fire operations
    (New York City Fire Department)