• According to the National Hurricane Center, hurricanes kill approximately 50 to 100 people anywhere from Texas to Maine during an average three-year period.

    The following resources from U.S. Government agencies and nonprofit organizations can help you deal with this type of emergency.

    General information and resources on preparing for and surviving a hurricane

    Tips on gathering supplies and making a plan to survive a tropical storm
    (Centers for Disease Control)

    Suggestions on dealing with a wide variety of increased risks to health and the environment at home and in the community following a hurricane
    (Environmental Protection Agency)

    Tips for using medical devices that may be exposed to fluctuating power, contaminants or unusual levels of heat or humidity during and following a disaster
    (Food and Drug Administration)

    Advice on what to do before, during and after a hurricane
    (American Red Cross)

    Hurricane hazards come in many forms. Be sure to check our Tornado and Flood pages for more information on how to recover from a hurricane.