Community Reinvestment Act

The FFIEC Interagency CRA Rating Search web site was developed to provide electronic access to the latest CRA ratings of financial institutions supervised by the Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and/or Office of Thrift Supervision.

With this search engine, you can specify how wide or narrow your search will be by providing data in the corresponding fields. The more fields you complete, the more selective your search. In most cases, partial entries are allowed to help you in your search efforts.

The Display Fields section allows you to choose what fields you would like to view on the results screen. In addition, the sort by allows you to select how you want to sort the results (i.e. bank name/ascending).

Follow the steps listed below for instructions on how to retrieve ratings for a particular financial institution:

1) From the main screen, enter all or part of the institution name by typing the name in the bank name field. You may need to try a different form of the bank's name. Banks are listed by abbreviated names, and you may need to try several name variations before you find the one you're looking for. For best results, start your search by entering only the most significant part of the bank's name, for example, Citizens. For names with obvious abbreviations, use the abbreviation; for example, try AMER before AMERICAN and BK (or B&TC, for Bank and Trust Co.) before BANK. (However, the word STATE is not usually abbreviated.) Enter all abbreviations in sequence. For example, if the bank you are looking for is named First State Bank, enter STATE before BK.

2) Single click on the "Submit Query" button.

3) You will be taken to the Results screen with a list of financial institutions that meet the query criteria displayed. Click on the institution name to view all the ratings on the database for the selected institution.

Use the navigation choices at the top of the screen to view the next or previous results.

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