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Tax Information for Charities & Other Non-Profits

EO’s FY 2012 Annual Report and FY 2013 Workplan is here
This edition looks at compliance reports, Determinations, special spotlights and new outreach efforts.

Group Rulings Questionnaire
Questionnaire for group ruling parents will help IRS better understand relationship between central organizations and their subordinates.

EO Current Topics & News
Recent developments affecting tax-exempts

Annual Reporting & Filing
990-series forms, requirements, and filing tips

How to Apply to Be Tax-Exempt
What new organizations need to know

Revoked? Reinstated? Learn More
Information about the automatic revocation process and how to be reinstated. NEW: Information for credit unions.

Education, Workshops and Seminars
IRS programs and materials for non-profit organizations

EO Select Check
Search for a tax-exempt's status
Tax basics for exempt organizations

How to Stay Exempt
Resources for tax-exempt nonprofit organizations

About Us
General information and how to contact us

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