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2012 Theme - Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) contains a wealth of primary source materials for National History Day research projects. This page provides links to NARA's online catalog to help students and teachers locate descriptions of archival materials. Some documents are not yet available online; contact the office listed in the description for more information.

Use the search box below to begin your research. Search for any topic you are interested in or try searching for NHD2012 to see some favorite documents in this year's theme.

Below you will find some examples of topics, featured documents and links to search topics where you can find more documents described in NARA's Online Catalog. For more information on this year's theme, see Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History.

The U.S. Constitution: Reform or Counter-Revolution

Constitution Washington’s Copy of the Constitution New York Ratification

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From FDR to Nixon: The Revolution of Presidential Press Coverage

President Roosevelt, 1935 President Johnson, 1968 Richard Nixon, 1971

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The Airplane: Revolution in Warfare

Wright Brothers Airacobra Poison Schweinfurt Bombing

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John Brown's Revolt Against Slavery

Brown Writings Telegram Lee Demands Surrender of Brown

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Canals and Railroads: The 19th Century Reforms in Transportation

Anti RR Poster RR Executive Order Canal sketch

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Volstead Act Prohibition Agents 21st Amendment

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The "Red Scare": American Reaction to Communism

McCarthy Telegram Nuclear Weapons Ban Khrushchev and Kennedy

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Educators at the National Archives have begun tagging records that fit the 2012 theme with the tag NHD2012. Students and Educators - sign up for an account while you are searching NARA’s Online Public Access and tag records you find in this year’s National History Day theme Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History with the tag NHD2012 and help others locate excellent documents.

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