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Acquisition Policies Implementation Guidance

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NOTE: Any interim HHSAR changes with an effective date prior to January 26, 2010, have been superseded by the amended HHSAR.


OMB Guidance


Competition Advocate/Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman Announcement

Contract Competition Advocate

The HHS Competition Advocate promotes competition for the purchase of products and services. The advocate works with HHS contracting officers to ensure that procurements are not a barrier to competition. The specific duties of the Advocate can be found in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Mr. Kenneth Gilchrist, the HHS Competition Advocate, can be reached at or by telephone at: (202) 690-8662.

Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman

Contractors who have concerns or disagreements with the selection of an awardee for a competitively-awarded task or delivery order should contact Mr. Kenneth Gilchrist. He can be reached at or by telephone at: (202) 690-8662.

For information about the duties of the Ombudsman, see the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

ATTENTION: The Advocate and Ombudsman do not serve as a general complaint investigator for HHS programs not directly related to awarded competitions. 

Conferences and Meetings

  • Conference Spending  (PDF, 8 pages)
    This report, required by Office of Management and Budget Memorandum M-12-12 (PDF, 6 pages), includes information about conferences held by HHS in excess of $100,000 and a general summary of our FY 2012 conference activities.  Additional details on spending are available (PDF, 18 pages).

Security and Fraud

Superceded or Rescinded Interim Guidance

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