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2009 Theme: The Individual in History

... Youngster [of Japanese Ancestry] ... Awaiting Evacuation Bus in Centerville, California, May 9, 1942 (ARC ID 537552)


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The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) contains a wealth of primary source materials for National History Day research projects. For resources for past years' themes, see National History Day Topics in ARC.

This page provides search hints for NARA's online catalog, the Archival Research Catalog (ARC), to help students and teachers locate descriptions of archival materials:

  • available in NARA facilities across the country
    • in the Washington, DC area
    • at Regional Archives nationwide
    • at Presidential Libraries nationwide
  • available online as digitized copies -- over 134,537 images including
    • historical documents (handwritten and typescript)
    • photographs
    • maps
    • other graphic materials
    • digitized historical films (clips in ARC and longer films on GoogleVideo)

Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Daughter, Anna Roosevelt, 1906 (ARC ID 196539)

Sample NHD 2009 Topics and ARC Search Links

The following list provides a few examples of topics related to this year's theme that have materials described in ARC. For more information on this year's theme, see The Individual in History Sample Topics on the NHD site PDF.

Click on the ARC Search Links to see a pop-up window with ARC search results on that topic. For more help, see:

ARC Search Links See more in ARC about ...
Abraham Lincoln
Adolf Hitler
Albert Einstein
Andrei Sakharov  
Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin
Cesar Chavez
Chief Joseph
Colin Powell
Commodore Matthew Perry
Dorothea Dix
Dorothea Lange
Douglas MacArthur
Dr. Samuel Mudd
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elvis Presley
George Washington
Gloria Steinem
Harry Truman
Henry Ford  
Jackie Robinson
Jane Addams
John Peter Zenger  
Lewis Hine
Marian Anderson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mathew Brady
Paul Robeson
Rosie the Riveter
Robert Oppenheimer
Rosa Parks
Rose O'Neal Greenhow
Susan B. Anthony
Winston Churchill

Next Steps

Brigadier General Colin L. Powell (ARC ID 594395)

The ARC Guide for Educators and Students contains more ARC search tips and explanations of how to understand an ARC description.

Contact and Visit a NARA Location. If you find archival series, file units, and/or items and you would like to see them in person, contact the NARA unit responsible for those materials. You could arrange to visit the unit in person and conduct research at a NARA facility, or order photocopies.

Do you live outside of the D.C. area? NARA facilities are located nationwide. ARC's Location of Archival Materials filter is helpful in finding ARC items at the closest NARA facility.

Questions? Find contact information for general questions about NARA. Contact the ARC staff with questions about how to search in ARC at

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