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2008 Theme: Conflict & Compromise in History

President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev signing the INF [Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces] Treaty in the East Room of the White House, 12/08/1987 (ARC ID: 198588)


  1. Sample NHD 2008 Topics and Suggested Keywords
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The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) contains a wealth of primary source materials for National History Day research projects. For resources for past years' themes, see National History Day Topics in ARC.

This page provides search hints for NARA's online catalog, the Archival Research Catalog (ARC), to help students and teachers locate descriptions of archival materials:

  • available in NARA facilities across the country
    • in the Washington, DC area
    • at Regional Archives nationwide
    • at Presidential Libraries nationwide
  • available online as digitized copies -- over 126,000 images including
    • historical documents (handwritten and typescript)
    • photographs
    • maps
    • other graphic materials
    • 101 digitized historical films (via GoogleVideo)

[Women's Army Corps Private Ruth L. James], 05/26/1945 (ARC ID: 531333)

Sample NHD 2008 Topics and Suggested Keywords

The following list provides a few examples of topics related to this year's theme that have materials described in ARC. For more information on this year's theme, see Conflict & Compromise Sample Topics on the NHD site.

Click on the ARC Search Links to see a pop-up window with ARC search results on that topic. For more help, see:

ARC Search Links See more about ...
(Anti-Slavery Movement)
African Americans
African Americans and Civil Rights African Americans
African Americans in World War I
and World War II
African Americans
African Americans in the Civil War African Americans
Bill of Rights Bill of Rights
Bracero Program
(Mexican Guest Workers, 1942-1964)
Child Labor Labor
Chinese Exclusion Act Chinese Immigration
Clean Air Act Environmental Studies
Cold War
(United States and the Soviet Union)
Conflict or Conflicts  
Conflict Resolution  
Constitution Constitution of the United States
Feminism and Feminists  
International Boundary Disputes  
Iran and the United Nations  
Iranian Hostage Crisis  
Israel and Palestine  
Japanese American Internment
During World War II
Japanese American Internment
Labor Strikes, Conflicts, and Compromises Labor
Lend-Lease Program
(World War II)
Peace in the Middle East Middle East and U.S. Foreign Affairs
Petitions to Congress Congress
Protests, Pickets, and Riots  
Susan B. Anthony
(Woman Suffragist)
Treaty of Paris
(American Revolutionary War)
Treaty of Versailles
(World War I)
World War I
United Nations  
Woman Suffrage
(Women and the Vote)
Women in the Military Women
World War I World War I
World War II World War II
World War II Battles World War II

Next Steps

Men Picketing Brown Shoe Company. St. Louis , 1957 (ARC ID: 283527)

The ARC Guide for Educators and Students contains more ARC search tips and explanations of how to understand an ARC description.

Contact and Visit a NARA Location. If you find archival series, file units, and/or items and you would like to see them in person, contact the NARA unit responsible for those materials. You could arrange to visit the unit in person and conduct research at a NARA facility, or order photocopies.

Do you live outside of the D.C. area? NARA facilities are located nationwide. ARC's Location of Archival Materials filter is helpful in finding ARC items at the closest NARA facility.

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