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The Web-based Medical Information Retrieval System (WebMIRS) is a research tool that facilitates the dissemination of multimedia biomedical database information across the Internet. It is implemented as a Java application and allows database access to text and associated images. Using the free Java Web Start technology from Sun Microsystems, WebMIRS can either be executed using a standard Web browser, or from the user's PC directly.

WebMIRS seeks to address a number of critical issues surrounding biomedical data such as use of multimedia, wide-area access, efficient data transmission, and capability to export results to other software applications. In its initial implementation, it is based on data from the multi-year NHANES II and NHANES III surveys (National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys) collected by the National Center for Health Statistics. Subsequent versions will expand the number of data repositories to which access is provided.

Some of the fields for which WebMIRS is potentially relevant include: epidemiology, multimedia databases, medical imaging, radiology, bioinformatics, vertebral morphometry, and computerized x-ray image understanding and analysis. Examples of biomedical research areas that may potentially benefit from the use of WebMIRS data include all of those targeted by the NHANES II and NHANES III surveys, such as: osteoarthritis, cardiovascular conditions, kidney and bladder disease, tobacco use, and exposure to pesticides (for NHANES II); and diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol, gallbladder disease, musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory and allergy conditions, diet, vision and hearing, and dental care (for NHANES III).

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Updated March 22, 2002

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