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Changes to vertebral height data (May 2008 - nhanes2 database)

  • Issue WM-6: User can't distinguish between Cervical and Lumbar vertebral heights. This issue was fixed by adding in an extra field for in the Quantitative Data section of the nhanes2 taxonomy. Also removed a similar field from the X-Ray section since it was not useful.
  • Issue WM-7: Possbile erroneous vertebral height data. There were some obviously out-of-range data points that were removed from the database.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.1 (March 2006)

  • Firewall Issue - Since the first release of WebMIRS we've used a direct connection to our database server. This has increasingly caused problems for users as firewalls have become more stringent and wouldn't allow this type of outgoing connection. However, we have now fixed this issue by the use of a third-party package (JDBTunnel) which uses a servlet listening on port 80 to make the connection to our database. We believe this should eliminate all firewall connection problems.
  • Issue WM-1: Can't import "saved results" into SUDAAN. This issue has been fixed by removing spaces from the mapped column names.
  • Issue WM-3: Table header font is difficult to read. Fixed this issue by changing the font family from "monospaced" to "SansSerif".

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.10

  • Issue59 - Attributes for the Image View used to be redundantly retrieved. With the merging of the Tabular & Image views, this extra query per person is no longer required.
  • Issue71 - Removed the option to select Quantitative Data if the database doesn't support it.
  • Issue81 - New functionality; made the Quantitative Data and the new Vertebral Measurements queryable from WebMIRS. The measurements included in this release are Anterior Height, Posterior Height, and Anterior/Posterior Ratio for each vertebra with QData. This data is displayed in a separate table for clarity.
  • Issue88 - The WebMIRS Help screen was being displayed blank due to the website change to PHP a while ago. The Java HTMLViewer couldn't handle the PHP, so these pages have been duplicated in straight HTML. This should be a short-term solution since maintaining these replicated pages is difficult.
  • Issue89 - The tables from the Returned Attribute List were being persisted in a Hashtable. This Hashtable attribute was removed and the list recreated each time a query is made.
  • Issue90 - New functionality; combined and integrated the Tabular and Image views in a single tab with two panes. The table and BatchViewer are now linked together such that when the current person is changed in either view, the other view changes correspondingly. This provides a much more usable interface to the user.
  • Issue92 - The Quantitative Display Points were being displayed using too large a "point". It's size has been now been reduced.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.9

  • Issue41 - Added the -max_heap_size=264M parameter to the JNLP file so that Java Web Start now allows for a much large memory footprint making it very difficult to run out of memory.
  • Issue44 - The system would hang when system ran out of memory (Issue41). The combination of Issues #41 and #82 being resolved in turn solves this issue.
  • Issue82 - If a database timeout occurred, the system simply exited. Now any "critical errors" like this one give the user a choice whether to attempt to continue or to exit.
  • Issue83 - The system was crashing while executing large queries due to a MYSQL threshold that was set too low.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.8

  • WebMIRS is now delivered using the Java Web Start delivery mechanism. For more details, please see Java Web Start Info.
  • Issue16 - A method of querying for "Blank" or "Blank, but Applicable" values in the data was added.
  • Issue23 - Some search elements, such as state, had to be searched by integer code. A pulldown box for this has been added.
  • Issue27 - The method of finding the properties/resources files was inefficient since numerous locations had to be searched. These files are now included in the jar file.
  • Issue55 - Typing either a null field or a non-numeric field for a numeric query now generates a meaningful error message. Previously, a cryptic database message was produced.
  • Issue62 - The CertificateException used to be thrown if security wasn't installed. This is no longer the case with Java Web Start.
  • Issue74 - The meaningful value of a NULL field in the database (such as "Blank") was not being displayed in the Tabular View when codes were turned off.
  • Issue75 - Fixed the ability to search against string data in a string field. Used to produce an error if input wasn't numeric.
  • Issue76 - The Attribute description was often very long and caused the query window to get very wide. Newlines have been added to break up these long descriptions.
  • Issue77 - Certain field descriptions weren't being displayed in the Tabular View when the codes were turned off. It had to do with a data conversion error and has been fixed.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.7b

  • Issue67 - When running code compiled using a 1.3 JDK under a 1.2.x version of the JRE, the NoClassDefError was thrown.
  • Issue68 - Some of the panel sizes were bad under a 1.2.x version of the JRE.
  • Issue69 - Created an initial prototype of a display of Quantitative data points overlaid on the x-ray images.
  • Issue70 - If Quantitative Data queries were being performed and the user switched databases, old values for the Quantitative Data config. dialog could have been restored causing unpredictable, incorrect results.
  • Issue72 - Under certain rare instances, the number of matching Quantitative Data person ids was incorrectly displayed in the initial dialog to the user.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.7a

  • Issue63 - There was a sorting problem when Quantitative Data was selected where under certain circumstances the returned table wouldn't be sorted by PersonId.
  • Issue64 - Due to a change in WebMIRS1_0_7, the "Exit" button on the login screen threw an exception and did not work.
  • Issue65 - Installation under Windows 2000 did not work due to the imbedded spaces in the new "Documents and Settings" directory. The installation script required a change to handle this version of the OS.
  • Issue66 - The dialog used to enter the Quantitative Data Query options was non-trivial, but did not have a "Cancel" button which would allow the user to undo mistaken changes. This was added, with the values reset to the previous state.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.7

  • Issue60 - This is a continuation of Issue 54 and extends the basic Quantitative Data (QData) functionality. The user can now further limit a QData query by presence of osteophytes, osteophytes of a certain image type (Cervical or Lumbar), osteophytes on particular vertebra (C1, L4, etc.), or by fused vertebra.
  • Issue37 - The ADD button in the attribute selector used to run outside the panel and become inaccessible in certain resolutions or configurations. This panel is now contained within a scrolling pane, so the user can always get to all controls regardless of resolution.
  • Issue56 - The list of Attributes to be Returned now handles a Java bug whereby it could become unscrollable.
  • Issue57 - Deleting items from the list of Attributes to be Returned used to work incorrectly with a random item deleted. It is now backed by an ordered list (placed in the order the user selects them), so the selected item is the one deleted.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.6a

  • Issue61 - Under version 1.2.2 of the JRE/Plug-in, the system would hang when a Quantitative Data query was submitted. Due to the severity of this issue, an interrim release was quickly delivered.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.6

  • Added new Quantitative Data functionality (Issue 54). This is a basic implementation that allows queries against a new database table that has vertebrae segmentation data for select images. This basic implementation of this feature will limit standard queries to these images and will display all the Quantitative Data for those person IDs in a separate dialog window.
  • Issue58 - The Option Dialog didn't display correctly under UNIX. This has been fixed to use setEnabled() instead of setVisible().

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.5

  • Issue36 - Garbage characters were being printed out when a query was pushed back 'UP'. These have been removed.
  • Issue45 - The system used to require that the .java.policy have a permission to grant read access to <<ALL_FILES>> due to a bug in the Java JFileChooser. This has been replaced with a FileDialog to work around this bug.
  • Issue47 - The system now will display a better error message when the user cannot get through to the WebMIRS database because of an intervening firewall. It used to put up the standard "Invalid Username/Password" dialog.
  • Issue49 - The previous version threw an uncaught exception on the PSU/Strata page if security wasn't installed.
  • Issue50 - Fixed a problem where the database threw an SQLException because the user entered text data in a numeric field, which caused the system exit fatally. An error message is now displayed instead.
  • Issue52 - Under Windows, the WebMIRS security system wouldn't install if the user was running JDK or JRE version 1.3.
  • Issue53 - Added changes to the website (and one class) to simplify and encourage the use of the 1.3 Plug-in/JRE.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.4

  • Added new Stratum/Pseudo-PSU functionality (Issue42). There is now an additional results tab that provides a table of the all the Strata/PSU combinations included in the current query. It can be used to help assess the statistical validity of a particular query.
  • Issue35 - System no longer even attempts to download zero records.
  • Issue46 - Fixed a bug where the system would hang or die when 0 records where downloaded.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.3

  • This was an internal baseline only, and was never delivered

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.2

  • The webpages for WebMIRS have been reorganized a little, updated, and standardized
  • Issue20 - Fixed a memory leak in the Results Table. Repeated queries should no longer caused an OutOfMemoryError.
  • Issue40 - Much larger datasets can be returned without causing an OutOfMemoryError; the entire set of records can now be returned with 25-40 attributes depending on the database.
  • Issue42 - A first cut at providing the user with Pseudo-PSU information has been added. This issue is not yet closed, however.

Changes in WebMIRS version 1.0.1

  • Issue32 - Made controls for clearing items more consistent and more intuitive.
  • Issue33 - Renamed SAVE button on the Search screen to PUSH and added an uparrow for clarity.
  • Issue38 - Changed default image view from Lumbar Spine to Cervical Spine.
  • Issue39 - Fixed problem where the results table would shrink when advancing to the next record in the Image View.
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