December 2012

Top NCFY Content of 2012

Image of a hand giving the thumbs-up gesture.As 2012 winds down, we want to take a moment to thank you for visiting the NCFY website. We enjoy sharing bright ideas from the youth-services field, explaining new research on evidence-based practices, and bringing you news of funding opportunities and fundraising tips.

Here are the pages and articles you visited most this year:

New Podcast with Sanctuary Model Co-Creator Dr. Sandra Bloom

Thumbnail image of a pie chart showing the seven Sanctuary Commitments: Growth & change, democracy, social responsibility, open communication, social learning, emotional intelligence, nonviolence.NCFY recently profiled two organizations that have put in place the evidence-based Sanctuary Model of youth care.

NCFY Recommends: Take a Survey About Homeless Youth and the Federal Student Aid Form

Screen shot of the first page of the FAFSA survey.As we’ve reported, homeless youth who are living on their own have been eligible since 2009 to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly referred to as the FAFSA, as independent students.

NCFY Recommends: Pro Bono Tech Help Roundup

Photograph of a young woman wearing an audio headset and smiling.Got a short-term tech project on your wish list for next year, but not sure how you’ll pay for it? Here are two sources of pro bono technology help:

Research Roundup: Helping Minority Youth Avoid STDs, HIV and Unplanned Pregnancy

Photograph of a Latina teen girl wearing a red AIDS awareness ribbon on her blouse.Minority youth tend to face more negative consequences from having sex—things like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy—than do their white peers. Three recent studies explore some of the potential reasons for this difference to see how programs can help minority teens make healthier choices.

NCFY Recommends: This Holiday Season, Encourage Youth to Support Friends With Mental Illness

We all get by with a little help from our friends, so why not empower young adults to support their peers diagnosed with a mental illness? That is the thinking behind the Mental Health Campaign for Mental Health Recovery, which seeks to educate 18- to 25-year-olds so they can support friends and classmates struggling with mental illness.

Right on the Money: A New Report Advises Charities to Share Their Successes With Potential Donors

Text reads: Collect the right information. Communicate your story and impact. Connect with donors.A couple of years ago, we reported on “Money for Good,” a study that asked donors why they give to charity and, based on their answers, divided them into six categories.

A Holiday Message for Our Readers

Road sign showing 2012 in one direction and 2013 in the other.

Dear NCFY Readers,

We'd like to thank you for visiting our site this year and letting us contribute, in a small way, to your efforts to improve the lives of young people. We wish you and your youth every success in the new year.

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