Hague Application Checklist

Note: Be certain to check with the officer for your country for any additional or specific requirements.

Application form – one signed original for EACH child. NOTE: Some countries may require use of a special application form.

  Marriage Certificate (if applicable). May need to be certified copy.

  Birth Certificate for EACH child. May need to be certified copy.

  Divorce Decree (if applicable). May need to be certified copy.

 Evidence of Custodial Right


  1. Custody order, or
  2. Copy of state statute, or
  3. Affidavit of law regarding presumption of custody order under state law, or
  4. Article 15 determination by a State court.      

  Other relevant court documents

  Photographs of taking parent and child

  Statement regarding the circumstances of removal or detention

  Other documents specifically required by receiving country


  1. Article 28 statement
  2. Power of Attorney to foreign Central Authority

  Translations (if applicable)

  Application for legal assistance (if applicable)