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Asia Eyes America

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Asia Eyes America: Regional Perspectives on U.S. Asian-Pacific Strategy in the Twenty-First Century

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval War College

Description: Asia Eyes America is a collection of papers that poses crucial questions bearing upon America's current and future relations with the nations of Asia:

  • What are the implications of Asia's longer-term transformation for U.S. interests?
  • How might such change reconfigure American security requirements in the next decade and beyond?
  • On what basis does the United States reaffirm yet redefine its enduring commitment to regional order?
  • Do the political and strategic identities and power trajectories of key regional actors suggest significant divergence from the United States?
This volume, a collaborative effort involving prominent specialists on both sides of the Pacific, addresses these issues. It focuses on underlying attitudes toward American power and policy, especially as viewed by strategic analysts within the region. Various contributors describe contradictory attitudes toward American power:
  • Most states hope to deepen ties with the United States, while avoiding comprehensive envelopment in U.S. strategy.
  • There is a clear tension between a preference for continued American regional involvement and seeking to limit the possibilities of highly intrusive U.S. policy interventions.
  • Both considerations will continue to shape regional attitudes toward American power, especially U.S. military power.
Scholars and students alike will find Asia Eyes America to be a valuable resource for the study of America's ongoing relationship with Asia.

Year/Pages: 2007: 260 p.

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