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Official Government Reports on the War in Iraq

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All Roads Lead To Baghdad: Army Special Operations Forces In Iraq, New Chapter in America's Global War on Terrorism

Publisher: Defense Dept., Air Force

Description: This book tells the story of Iraqi Freedom, the second Army Special Operations (ASO) campaign in America's global war on terrorism. Shows how the ASO supported a US-led conventional air and ground offensive to collapse the regime of Saddam Hussein and capture Baghdad.

Year/Pages: 2006: 547 p.; ill.

Price: $45.00 Add To Cart

Boots on the Ground: Troop Density in Contingency Operations

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Combat Studies Institute

Description: This official publication provides a concise historical study of the numbers of troops needed in contingency operations. It discusses past military operations, including the Philippines, 1899-1901, post-World War II Germany and Japan, the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960, the Balkans in the 1990s, and Iraq, 2003-2005. Also discusses troop density of several United States city police departments.

Year/Pages: 2006: 208 p.; ill.

Price: $18.00 Add To Cart

Breaking the Mold: Tanks in the Cities

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Combat Studies Institute

Description: This important monograph examines the use of tanks in urban warfare, including the 2004 battle of Fallujah. It seeks to provide insight and a historical precedence on the wisdom of employing tanks in an inherently dangerous dimension of the modern battlefield, intensifying the shortcomings in technological design and the lack of crew training for city fighting. Among the cases studied 2006.

Year/Pages: 2006: 144 p.; ill.

Price: $12.50 Add To Cart

Report on the United States Intelligence Community's Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq, July 9, 2004, Ordered Reported on July 7, 2004

Publisher: Senate, Select Committee on Intelligence

Description: Provides the Senate and the American public with a substantial record of the facts underlying the conclusions of the Committee regarding the intelligence community's prewar assessments of Iraq's programs for weapons of mass destruction and its ties to terrorism.

Year/Pages: 2004: 527 p.

Price: $21.50 Add To Cart

Coming Soon:
  • On Point I: The United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Final Report of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
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