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Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet)

OppNet, NIH’s Basic Behavioral and Social Science Research Opportunity Network, is a trans-NIH initiative designed to expand funding of basic behavioral and social sciences research. The initiative will support activities that build the collective body of knowledge about the nature of behavior and social systems, and that deepen our understanding of basic mechanisms of behavioral and social processes. Twenty-four NIH Institutes and Centers and four Program Offices within the NIH Office of the Director co-fund and co-manage OppNet initiatives.

The visual system is an important sensory component in the study of complex behavior and social systems. Vision researchers may have much to contribute to the goals of OppNet through collaborative projects with colleagues in the behavioral and social sciences in studies involving both measurement and mechanisms underlying complex behaviors.

For information about OppNet, visit Researchers should check this site regularly, as new listings frequently become available. Please contact Dr. Cheri L. Wiggs, Director, Perception and Psychophysics Program, at 301-451-2020, for information regarding funding through an OppNet initiative.

If you have general questions, regarding the operations of the OppNet (distinct from questions about applying under an FOA) please contact Dr. Deborah Carper, OppNet Steering Committee member, 301-496-2234,, or Dr. Santa Tumminia, OppNet Coordinating Committee member, 301-496-2234,

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Last Updated: December 2011

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