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Research Training and Career Development Funding Opportunity Announcements

Any questions regarding NEI research training and career development programs should be addressed to the NEI Training Officer, Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, 301-451-2020,

Announcements with Web-Based Submission

NOT-OD-12-100 Amendment of the Eligibility Criteria for NIH Loan repayment Programs

Announcements with Electronic Submission on the SF424 (R&R)

Comprehensive information regarding NIH Career Development awards can be found on the K Kiosk at Investigators interested in submitted a Career Development application should consult the Kiosk for the current versions of forms and Funding Opportunity Announcements and for information on policies regarding salary and stipend levels, leave, percent effort, and part-time appointments on a K award.

NOT-OD-12-022 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA) and Other Fellowship Applications: New Policy on Post-submission Information on Sponsor’s Research Funding

NOTE THAT THE NEI DOES NOT IMPOSE ANY SALARY RESTRICTION ON CAREER DEVELOPMENT AWARDS (K-SERIES) BEYOND THE LEGISLATIVELY-IMPOSED ANNUAL SALARY CAP, see Salary requests should be reasonable and conform to the established, consistently-applied policy of the institution for other staff members of equivalent qualifications, rank, and responsibility. Requested salary should reflect no more than the percentage of time actually devoted to the project. All K-series awards provide funds for research expenses in addition to salary.

Comprehensive information regarding NIH extramural research training awards can be found here.

Individual Funding Opportunity Announcements

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Last Updated: May 2012

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