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How to Refer a Patient to the National Eye Institute

Physicians or optometrists can refer patients to the National Eye Institute. Preliminary telephone inquiries can determine if there is a National Eye Institute (NEI) investigator with expertise in the area of the patient's ocular problem. Patients are evaluated to confirm the diagnosis, assess therapeutic options, and determine whether they qualify for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) protocol. Only patients enrolled in a NIH research protocol can be treated and followed at the NEI. Referring physicians and optometrists may be asked to submit the diagnosis, medical history, and results of an ophthalmologic examination in writing to the principal investigator.

Physicians or optometrists interested in referring a patient to the NEI should contact the person noted on the protocols listed below or call the NEI Clinical Director's Office at (301) 496-6932.

NIH Intramural Studies Database—NEI protocols

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