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Publications Focusing on the Quality of Water

Summer is just around the corner, which means high temperatures, lots of swimming, and plenty of water consumption. And while water indulgence is a wonderful thing to help us escape the heat, it is also a great time to think about the importance of water quality. To help Americans focus on water quality and other environmental issues, the United States Government Printing Office offers for sale a number of publications on the topic of clean water.

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Dams, Dynamos and Development: The Bureau of Reclamation's Power Program and Electrification of the West

Publisher: Interior Dept., Bureau of Reclamation

Description: Tells the history of the Bureau of Reclamation's hydropower program in the Western United States.

Year/Pages: 2002: 255 p.; ill.

Price: $63.00 Add To Cart

Future Investment in Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Publisher: Congress, Congressional Budget Office

Description: Contains tables of: Cases Reported; Federal Judicial Decisions Cited; Administrative Decisions Cited; Federal Statutes Cited; and Federal Regulations Cited. Volumes 1-3 cover March 1972 to February 1992 and includes Decisions of the Administrator and Judicial Officers. Volume 4 covers March 1992 to December 1993 and includes Decisions of the Environmental Appeals Board. All volumes have a subject index with references by key words, phrases, and topics in reported decisions.

Year/Pages: 2002: 80 p.; ill.

Price: $4.75 Add To Cart

Environmental Health Perspectives

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Public Health Service, National Institute on Environmental Health Sciences

Description: A scientific journal that publishes cutting-edge research articles and news of the environment. LIST ID EHPM $282/year.

Price: $282.00

Water Measurement Manual: A Guide to Effective Water Measurement Practices for Better Water Management

Publisher: Interior Dept., Bureau of Reclamation

Description: Provides guidance for water users and districts in selecting, managing, inspecting, and maintaining their water measurement devices. Describes the standard methods and devices used to measure irrigation water. Acquaints irrigation system operators with other established but less common methods and with new or special techniques.

Year/Pages: 2001: 485 p.; ill.

Price: $19.00 Add To Cart

Ground Water Manual : A Guide for the Investigation, Development, and Management of Ground-Water Resources

Publisher: Interior Dept., Bureau of Reclamation

Description: Presents information on: ground-water occurrence and movement; well-aquifer relationships; ground-water investigations; aquifer test analyses; estimating aquifer yield; data collection; and geophysical investigations. Discusses permeability tests, well design, dewatering systems, well specifications and drilling, well sterilization, and pumps. Includes a bibliography.

Year/Pages: 1995: 693 p.

Price: $116.00 Add To Cart

Drainage Manual

Publisher: Interior Dept., Bureau of Reclamation

Description: Contains the engineering tools and concepts that have proven useful in planning, constructing, and maintaining drainage systems for successful long term irrigation projects. Provides a ready reference and guide for making accurate estimates of drainage requirements.

Year/Pages: 1993: 340 p.

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