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National Defense University Press

The U.S. Government Printing Office is pleased to offer for sale the publications of the National Defense University Press (NDU Press). NDU Press publishes books, policy briefs, occasional papers, monographs and special reports on national security strategy, defense policy, national military strategy, regional security affairs, and global strategic problems. These publications reflect the output of NDU research and academic programs as well as contributions by outside analysts and experts. NDU Press also produces Joint Force Quarterly, a professional military journal published by NDU since 1993 for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

New Publications from NDU Press

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Policy Analysis in National Security Affairs: New Methods for a New Era

Publisher: Defense Dept., National Defense University, Center for Technology and National Security Policy

Description: Richard L. Kugler, one of the Nation's most experienced and foremost practitioners of the critical art of national security policy analysis, encapsulates his more than three decades of experience in this unique book. He virtually establishes and defines national security policy analysis as a distinct discipline, breaking it down into three major components-strategic evaluation, systems analysis, and operations research. He applies the latest methods of each of these fields to real world, 21st century examples and the daunting challenges facing the United States in today's global environment.

Year/Pages: 2006: 658 p.; ill.

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Battle-Wise: Seeking Time-Information Superiority in Networked Warfare

Publisher: Defense Dept., National Defense University, Center for Technology and National Security Policy

Description: The unstoppable spread of information networking and know-how has given rise to the need for a new edge-one that utilizes but transcends networks-by developing people, teams, and decision making methods that convert information into better choices and outcomes. We call this new edge battle-wisdom. This authoritative new book examines: The cognitive demands of networked warfare, Defeating networked adversaries, Integrating Intuition and reasoning in action, Creating a battle-wise force, and much more.

Year/Pages: 2006: 192 p.; ill.

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Joint Force Quarterly: A Professional Military Journal

Publisher: Defense Dept., National Defense University, Institute for National Strategic Studies

Description: Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ), published by the National Defense University Press and the Institute for National Security Studies for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the Chairman's flagship joint military and security studies journal, designed to inform members of the U.S. Armed Forces, allies, and other partners about:

  • Joint and integrated operations
  • National security policy and strategy;
  • Efforts to combat terrorism
  • Homeland security
  • Developments in training and joint professional military education

JFQ’s aim is to help transform America's military and security apparatus to better meet tomorrow's challenges while protecting freedom today.

Each issue of JFQ typically contains the Chairman’s Word, several book reviews and other informative departments, and a broad selection of the best security and military research papers and essays available.  The Forum section provides several essays on a key security or defense topic, including exclusive interviews with senior national and international leaders.  The Interagency Dialog section provides an avenue for discourse among security professionals across Government agency lines, while the Recall series presents exceptional historical research on a wide variety of military and diplomatic topics. Only $20 a year for four issues. List ID JFQ

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Important Regional Studies:

Middle East



Latin America

Key Policy Studies on Weapons of Mass Destruction

New Views on Military Policy

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