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Space Exploration

Find new and interesting Government publications about America's long exploration of space, filled with adventures that have expanded our knowledge of the universe, at the U.S. Government Printing Office. Whether you are interested in space launch vehicles, extraterrestrial research, or colorful photos taken from space telescopes and cameras, the U.S. Government sells publications just for you.

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Spinoff 2005

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA Center for Aerospace Information, Publications and Graphics Department

Description: An annual publication published by NASA, featuring successfully commercialized NASA technology. Spinoff provides example of products and services developed as a direct result of the transfer of NASA technologies to the private sector.

Year/Pages: 2005: 167 p.; ill.

Price: $27.50

Project Apollo: The Tough Decisions

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Description: Presents the history of the manned space program during the 1960's. Outlines chronologically and in detail the steps taken from the early Mercury days, through the operation tests conducted with Gemini, to the advent of Apollo. Also describes key technical, operational, and managements milestones and how key issues in each phase of the space program were resolved.

Year/Pages: 2005: 171p.; ill.

Price: $29.50 Add To Cart

NASA and the Environment: The Case of Ozone Depletion

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA History Division, Office of External Relations

Description: Presents in chronological order the various stages NASA went through in making its initial efforts in atmospheric monitoring, specifically ozone depletion.

Year/Pages: 2005: 72 p.; ill.

Price: $12.50 Add To Cart

Neurolab Spacelab Mission: Neuroscience Research in Space, Results From the STS-90, Neurolab Spacelab Mission

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Description: Describes the experiments done on Neurolab and their results. Includes technical reports on interesting procedures or equipment developed for the flight and the perspectives of the crew members on the Neurolab Spacelab mission. Cloth.

Year/Pages: 2002: 333 p.; ill.

Price: $70.50 Add To Cart

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