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NEIBank is project for producing, organizing and disseminating genomics resources and expression and sequence data for eye research. Collaborators from many institutions have contributed freshly dissected tissues for cDNA libraries of many eye tissues from many species. These are used for high throughput sequencing. Analyzed data are displayed in the website, submitted to GenBank and described in peer-reviewed publications. Clones are made available through OpenBiosystems. Eye-related data from other sources are also gathered and displayed through the website. Researchers throughout the world visit the website and cite NEIBank in publications.

Key features of NEIBank include:

NEIBank also includes yeast 2-hybrid libraries for adult mouse lens and retina and for adult human retina and RPE/choroid. These are being used to search for protein interactions involved in age related macular degeneration (AMD) as well as in normal lens and retina function and have been shared with several other groups.

NEIBank clones and sequence data have been used to construct cDNA microarrays for eye expressed genes from human and mouse and an oligo-based array for rabbit (at the University of Florida). A project to collect data for a similar microarray for studies of cone-cell function in the ground squirrel is underway.

The data from NEIBank are a rich source for gene discovery and for insights into species and tissue comparisons. Recent examples of this include the following:


Name Title E-mail Phone
Graeme J. Wistow, Ph.D. Head 301-402-3452
Katherine Peterson, Ph.D. Staff Scientist 301-402-3452

Last Reviewed: March 2011

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