Healthy People Consortium Meeting and Public Hearing
"Building the Next Generation of Healthy People"
November 12 and 13, 1998
Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.

Select Populations:

Comments from the group
  1. National Osteoporosis Foundation:
    pleased with three issues:
    • arthritis
    • osteoporosis
    • chronic back pain


New Medicare law is misinterpreted:

    • First group listed incorrectly (p. 1614 line 35). It should read, "estrogen deficient women at clinical risk for osteoporosis"
    • Line 36 should read, "primary hyperthyroidism"
    • Fifth group of individuals left out - those monitored for efficacy
    • Hip fracture - suggest all osteo and hip fractures be lumped together - currently under unintentional injuries.
    • Osteoporosis affects the skeleton not muscular skeletal
    • Discussion of excessive alcohol use must be addressed
  1. Eating Disorders
    • Chapter 23, page 2310
    • ICD9 code - hospital discharge code should be used to measure eating disorders.
    • Eating disorders do not only affect young women.
  1. Washington Consumer Advocate Coalition (Mental Health Consumers)
    • Stereotyping of women as having more mental disorders (p. 234, lines 36-42)
    • Stereotyping racial/ethnic groups can cause more stigmas to people with mental illness - recommend deleting whole section. Data states that mental illness is the same across all ethnic and socio economic classes.
    • The National Association of State and Drug Abuse Directors said that systems are not designed to address differences of racial groups. Instead of deleting whole section as stated above, add language, " it is extremely important not to stereotype."
  1. School of Nursing - Kathleen Nokes
    • Include female condoms
    • 076 public health guidelines need to be updated. This is the only situation where a woman is given monotherapy for HIV (AZT). In every other situation, a woman is given more than one drug therapy.
    • There is no mention of how menopause affects transmission rate of older women. For example, vaginal changes cause walls to be thinner.
    • It's harder for post menopausal women to get men to use condoms because they do not have the excuse of pregnancy.
    • Definitions - Viral Load
    • No epi data available for women who have sex with women.
  1. University of VA
    • Occupational health and safety not listed in objectives.
    • Differential treatment of women in the workforce. For example, safety equipment designed for men and do not fit women.
  1. National Association of State Alcohol & Drug Abuse Directors
    • How can state workers pull out women's issues from huge HP2010 book? Is the book useful as is? Book needs to be coded for women and other special populations. Make the document more user-friendly.
    • Worksite stress - affects women's health. It needs to be addressed more. Possibly add to behavioral risk factor survey.
  1. COSMO
    • Overall concerns: lack of Hispanic-specific objectives and lack of data for Hispanics and Hispanic subgroups.
    • Major Issues:
    • Access to health care and services
    • Linguistic and cultural barriers
    • Lack of mandate to have local and state health departments partner with community-based organizations.
  1. American Psychological Association - in process of putting together comments
    • Overall concern: interrelationship of poverty and behavior with these issues
  1. Association of Women's Health Obstetrics and Neo-Natal Nurses
    • Will submit written comments.
    • Issues of most interest: pregnancy, infertility, early parenting, breast-feeding
  1. Chapter 10 Comments
    • Objective: reduce hospital stays for chronic conditions; add hysterectomy there perhaps.
    • Want breast-feeding objective for workplace. No objective added to the Maternal and Child Health chapter - only a blurb in this section.
  1. Education and Communication
    • Do not look just at medical schools but at all schools for education.
  1. Society for Emergency Medicine
    • Objectives 34, 35, 36 - focus on domestic violence. Suggestion made that physicians screen for domestic violence. Suggested language given to Suzanne Haynes in typed format.
  1. American Dental Hygienist Association
    • Link between oral health and total health. For example, risk of women with periodontal disease to have premature births. Other risks: respiratory disease, heart disease, stroke
    • Smokeless tobacco use - women should be considered as well as men.
    • Dental health and bulimia - screen for bulimia during dental exams
  1. American Obesity Association
    • Proposing a new chapter
  1. Bulimia/Anorexia
    • Objective related to amenhoria - potential link with bulimia/anorexia
    • Make a screening objective
  1. American Nurses Association
    • Issues need to be sensitive to term, health care provider, not just physician. SOLUTION: add as a definition in clinical preventive care chapter.
    • Why is there no registered nurse on the panel?


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