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Program Data

WIC Program

National Level Annual Summary: 

Monthly Data -- National Level:

Monthly Data -- Agency Level, Participation and Program Costs by Category per person:

FY 2013 (preliminary) .xls
FY 2012 (preliminary) .xls                                                       FY 2011 (final) .xls  
FY 2010 (final) .xls
FY 2009 (final) .xls
FY 2008 (final) .xls                                                     

Annual State Level Data:
FY 2008-2012

Latest Available Month:

See the FAQ section of the WIC site for an explanation of program eligibility requirements and benefits.  The WIC home page provides the latest program news and links to program regulations. 

Last modified: 02/07/2013

The following Excel files contain WIC data:

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