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Healthy Eyes Toolkit Use these resources to share information with people in your community about the importance of eye health, comprehensive eye exams, and eye safety.

Information to Share

Handouts and Fact Sheets

Financial Assistance for Eye Care (PDF*)

[English / Español]
Print this article in your publications, newspapers, or website to promote resources that are available to provide financial assistance for eye care.

Tips for Finding an Eye Care Professional (PDF*)

[English / Español]
Share these tips online or in any of your publications to help people find an eye care professional.

Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes (PDF*)

[English / Español]
Use this article in any of your publications or on your website to describe simple things that people can do to keep their eyes healthy.

Common Vision Problems Fact Sheets (PDF*)

Download these fact sheets about common vision problems.

Make Vision a Health Priority (PDF*)

[English | Español]
Use this handout at health fairs, community centers, senior centers, or other settings to inform people age 50 and older about how to make vision health a priority as they age.

The Aging Eye: Age-related Eye Diseases and Conditions (PDF*)

[English | Español]
Pass along this handout to older adults in your community to inform them about common age-related eye diseases and conditions and how to preserve sight as you age.

Eye Protection (PDF*)

This handout can be given to employees to teach them about eye hazards and what they can do to protect their eyes.

VisiĆ³n Saludable (Healthy Vision) Brochure

This Spanish language booklet provides a wide array of information on eye health including diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, comprehensive eye exams, common vision problems, eye myths and facts, tips for talking to your doctor, a glossary, and a list of resources.

Posters and Calendars

Healthy Vision: Make it last a lifetime. (PDF*)

Download and hang these posters in your waiting room, libraries, or other community settings to remind people about scheduling eye exams.

Healthy Eyes Posters (PDF*)

Download and hang these posters in your waiting room, libraries, or other community settings to remind people about the importance of eye exams.

Eye Facts for Children Poster (PDF*)

Download this poster for kids to learn more about the eyes and interesting facts, tips and myth busters about eyes and vision, and even information about animals' eyes. (17" x 11") .

Children's Eye Safety Calendar (PDF*)

Download this fun, colorful calendar. Children will enjoy reading fun facts about eyes and eye injuries, as well as sports trivia. This calendar is a great way to teach school-aged children about preventing sports-related eye injuries and the need for protective eyewear. (17" x 11") Order calendar.

Stickers, Magnets and Coloring Pages

Sports Eye Safety Coloring Pages for Kids (PDF*)

Download these coloring pages of children using protective eyewear in sports activities and hand them out to children to color.

Eye Safety at Work Magnet

[English | Español]
Have employees display these magnets in the worksite or at home to remind them about the use of protective eyewear.

Eye Safety at Work Stickers

Order these stickers and have employees use them on their hard hats and lunch boxes, or within their worksite to promote the use of protective eyewear in the workplace.

Retail Announcements and Receipt Messages

Eye Health and Safety Retail Announcements (PDF*)

[English | Español]
Use these announcements over the public address system or record for the on-hold phone line at your store to help spread the word about eye health and safety.

Eye Safety Receipt Messages (PDF*)

[English | Español]
Add these messages to your sales receipts to remind people about the importance of eye safety.

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