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Healthy Eyes Toolkit Use these articles, radio and print public service announcements to promote eye health in your newsletters, magazines, and other publications.

Media Resources

Resources for Working with Media

Media Guide

Use the information in the National Eye Health Education Program’s Media Guide [PDF*] to learn about ways to work with the media to promote your program.

NEI Photo and Image Catalog

Visit the Photo and Image Catalog to find photos, images, animations and public service announcements to use in any of your outreach. Our resources are not copyrighted and may be reproduced without permission. We just ask that you give credit to the National Eye Institute.

Customizable News Release

Customizable News Release on Eye Exams

Download this customizable news release to inform local media outlets about the importance of eye exams.

Drop-in Articles

Keep an Eye on Your Vision (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Use this article in newsletters and websites or send it to local magazines for publication to provide information about who is at higher risk for common eye diseases.

See What You've Been Missing Drop-in Article (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Send this article to local newspapers and use it in your newsletters, publications, or on your website to educate others about the importance of eye exams.

Your Eyes Your Health Drop-in Article for Women (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Use this article for your newsletters or website and send it to local magazines for publication to educate women about the importance of taking care of their vision.

Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Use this article in any of your publications or on your website to describe simple things that people can do to keep their eyes healthy.

Healthy Eyes Start with a Dilated Exam (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Use this article to help explain to others the steps involved in a comprehensive dilated eye exam and why it is so important for healthy vision.

Financial Assistance for Eye Care (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Print this article in your publications, newspapers, or website to promote resources that are available to provide financial assistance for eye care.

Tips for Finding an Eye Care Professional (PDF*)
[English / Español]
Share these tips online or in any of your publications to help people find an eye care professional.

Help Kids Gear Up for the Game Drop-in Article (PDF*)
Download this article and encourage your sports league to print it in a newsletter or post on its website to help other adults to learn about sports-related eye injuries and the need for protective eyewear in children.

Preventing Work-Related Eye Injuries Drop-in Article (PDF*)
Print this article in worksite newsletters or other publications to help inform others about how to prevent work-related eye injuries.

Print and Radio Public Service Announcements

Print Public Service Announcements

Download these PSAs and use in your newsletters, publications, or on your website. Distribute the PSAs to local print outlets to promote the importance of eye exams.

Radio Public Service Announcement Scripts (PDF*)

[English / Español]
Download these scripts and distribute to local radio stations or use as on-hold messages in your office to promote the importance of eye exams.

Buttons and Banners for Websites

Healthy Eyes Buttons and Banners

[English / Español]
Add a button to your Web site. Let your Web site visitors know what they can do to keep their eyes healthy and let them link to NEI to find more information on keeping their eyes healthy. To add the button, copy the code next to the image and paste it into your Web page.

Eye Health Videos

Share videos on your website, through social media outlets or send links to them to people on your listserves. Topics include comprehensive dilated eye exams, age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic eye disease, dry eye, and glaucoma.

Healthy Eyes Widget

Add this widget to your website so your visitors can test their eye health knowledge.

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