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NEHEP Partnership

The NEHEP Partnership consists of more than 60 public and private national-level organizations interested in eye health education. The purpose of the Partnership is to establish ongoing, interactive, mutually beneficial relationships with NEI and other organizations to achieve NEHEP goals and objectives.

The ability of NEHEP to support eye health education programs that affect communities depends heavily on the work of the Partnership. The Partnership is one of the primary vehicles through which NEHEP is able to promote critical eye health messages, disseminate the latest eye research findings, and facilitate communication.

Partnership organizations must be national organizations with local affiliates and must agree to:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of NEHEP activities.
  • Facilitate the coordination of activities and the promotion of collaboration among NEHEP Partnership members.
  • Endorse strategies and activities to further the aims of NEHEP.
  • Exchange information, views, and materials on eye health education.
  • Represent audiences at higher risk of eye diseases and conditions and assist NEHEP in efforts to inform groups at higher risk.

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