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Computers Take Flight: A History Of NASA's Pioneering Digital Fly-by-wire Project

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Description: EST. DELIVERY DATE 11/13/09.

Price: $26.00 Add To Cart

Exploring The Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program: Volume IV: Accessing Space

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA History Division, Office of Policy and Plans

Description: NASA SP-4407. John M. Logsdon, editor with Ray A. Williamson et al. Contains a selection of key documents dealing with the question of access to space, the history of launch vehicles, the commercialization of space transportation, and the development of Shuttle follow-on launch systems.

Year/Pages: 1999: 716 p.; ill.

Price: $35.00

From Engineering Science to Big Science: The NACA And NASA Collier Trophy Research Project Winners

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA Office of Policy and Plans, NASA History Office

Description: NASA SP-4219. NASA History Series. Edited by Pamela C. Mack. This volume is a collection of 16 essays on the NACA and NASA aerospace research projects that received the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy. From NACA achievements such as the Whitcomb Area Rule and the NACA Engine Cowling to NASA landmarks such as the first Space Shuttle flight and the Hubble Space Telescope's first servicing mission, this book covers a variety of important NACA/NASA achievements. We recommend it highly for all students interested in aerospace history.

Year/Pages: 1998: 427 p.; ill.

Price: $25.00 Add To Cart

Nautical Almanac for the Year 2003

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval Observatory, Nautical Almanac Office

Description: Produced jointly by Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office, Royal Greenwich Observatory and the United States Naval Observatory. Printed separately in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Presents data for use in astronomical navigation at sea. Includes Jupiter, Saturn, selected stars, our Sun, our Moon, twilight, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, and Moonset. Includes "Index to Selected Stars, 2003" and "Altitude correction tables for Sun, stars, planets" on a separate sheet. Item 0398.

Year/Pages: 2001: 356 p.; ill.

Price: $10.50

Neurolab Spacelab Mission: Neuroscience Research in Space, Results From the STS-90, Neurolab Spacelab Mission

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Description: NASA SP-2003-535. Edited by Jay C. Buckey, Jr., and Jerry L. Homick. Describes the experiments done on Neurolab and their results. Includes technical reports on interesting procedures or equipment developed for the flight and perspectives of the crewmembers on the Neurolab Spacelab mission. GPO ISBN: 0-16-051332-7.

Year/Pages: 2002: 333 p.; ill.

Price: $70.50 Add To Cart

Selected Congressional Hearings and Reports on the Challenger Space Shuttle Accident (CD-ROM)

Publisher: Congress and Government Printing Office

Description: Includes hearings and reports on the Space Shuttle Challenger accident, the Apollo 13 mission accident, and the Hubble Space telescope. Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 software. The plastic case says on it that it is copyrighted. The hearings and reports are in the public domain.

Year/Pages: 2003: CD-ROM in a plastic case.

Price: $6.50 Add To Cart

Space Handbook: A War Fighter's Guide to Space, V. 1

Publisher: Defense Dept., Air Force, Air University Press

Description: AU-18. Prepared by Michael J. Muelo. Compiled by Richard A. Hand. Edited by Richard A. Hand, et al. Includes chapters on: space history, the evolution of space power (1945-1992); space law, policy, and doctrine; space support to the war fighters, space missions and military space systems; spacelift (launch centers and vehicles); military space strategy and evolving systems; and glossary of acronyms. Item 424-F-02.

Year/Pages: 1993: 182 p.; ill.

Price: $25.00 Add To Cart

Stages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicles

Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA History Office

Description: NASA SP 4206. NASA History Series. Study of the development of the Saturn launch vehicle for the Apollo Moon Missions. Recounts the exploits of the Saturn vehicle's operational life from orbital missions around Earth testing Apollo equipment to the Moon and back. Item 0830-I.

Year/Pages: 1980: 536 p.; ill. 1996-repr.

Price: $50.00

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