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Military History - Civil War Search Results

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Description: Describes and illustrates objects in an exhibition held between November 12, 2012 and June 1, 2013 at the Library of Congress. Organized chronologically. Sold in packages of 25 copies only.

Year/pages: 2012: 27 p.; ill.

Price: $60.00

Description: Colorful folder provides a map of Civil War battlefields in the Southeast United States. On the reverse side of the map are sections about: America at War With Herself; The Coming of the Civil War; The Hallowed Ground of Epic Battles; From Civil War to Civil Rights; and Why Does the Civil War Matter Today?. The map includes information about Atlanta; Shiloh; Charleston; General Scott's Great Snake; as well as locations of many Civil War hallowed ground sites. Contains reproductions of copyrighted images. Sold in packages of 100 copies only under this stock number.

Year/pages: 2012: Poster with map; folded.

Price: $65.00

Description: Prepared by CEHP, Incorporated, Chevy Chase, Maryland. Contract No. 144CX300096053, Modification No. 1. Tells the history of Civil War forts and other defenses in the Washington, DC area.

Year/pages: 2005: 212 p.; ill.

Price: $35.50

Description: Publication measures 8 x 4 in. folded; 23 x 17 in. unfolded. This folder, organized yearly through maps and chronologies, shows the course of the war from Fort Sumter in 1861 to Appomattox Court House and beyond in 1865. Also describes the two principal theaters in which the major military operations took place: Eastern and Western theaters. At head of folder: Resource Topics for Parklands. Sold in packages of 100 copies only.

Year/pages: 1995: Folder; ill.

Price: $70.00

Description: U.S. Army Campaigns of the Civil War. CMH Pub 75-2. The Civil War Begins: Opening Clashes, 1861 is the first in a series of campaign brochures commemorating our national sacrifices during the American Civil War. Author Jennifer Murray examines the successes and challenges of both the Union and the Confederate forces during the early days of the Civil War. Notable battles discussed include: Fort Sumter, South Carolina; Bull Run, Virginia; Wilson's Creek, Missouri; Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; and Port Royal, South Carolina. This brochure includes six maps and three tables.

Year/pages: 2012: 63 p.; ill.

Price: $8.00

Description: Historical narrative on the activities of the U.S.S. Cairo which was sunk in the Yazoo River by a Confederate torpedo in Dec. 1862. Also discusses the thousands of priceless artifacts found within her. Item 648.

Year/pages: 1971: 56 p.; ill. 2011-repr.

Price: $9.00

Description: National Park Service Handbook 160. Tells the story of Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House, which ended the Civil War, and the battles fought in the days before it. Also contains essays on events leading up to the Civil War and the implications of Appomattox for the post-Civil War generation, and a tourist's guide to the park. Item 649. Previously listed incorrectly under ISBN 0-16-067901-X.

Year/pages: 2002: 129 p.; ill.

Price: $17.00

Description: CMH Pub. 70-24. First in a planned series of military "staff ride brochures." At head of title on title page: Self-Guided Tour. Discusses a Civil War battle which was fought in 1864 in Virginia and won by the Confederate forces. Describes twelve sites which were important to the battle and which may be explored at the site through guided tours. Includes maps and sepia photographs. L.C. card 88-34357. Item 344.

Year/pages: 1988: 60 p.; ill.

Price: $3.75

Description: CMH Pub 35-1-1. At head of title on title page: Staff Ride Guide. One of a series of "staff ride" booklets about Civil War battlefields. Discusses a battle which took place in Virginia on Oct. 20, 1861. The disastrous defeat of the Union forces resulted in the death of a United States senator, the arrest of a Union general, and the creation of a congressional oversight committee that would keep senior Union commanders looking over their shoulders for the remainder of the war. Includes Selected Biographical Sketches.

Year/pages: 2001: 92 p.; ill.

Price: $8.00

Description: National Park Service Handbook 18. Describes Fort Pulaski and the role it played during the Civil War defending the entrance into Savannah harbor. Also includes information on how to reach the fort and other related seacoast fortifications in the National Park Service. Item 648-A.

Year/pages: 1954: 55 p.; ill. 2004-repr.

Price: $7.00

Description: CMH 30-8-1. Army Historical Series. Discusses medical activities in the U.S. Army from the inception of the modern Army Medical Department through the Civil War, with emphasis both on medical service in the far West and on clinical, scientific, and organizational advances.

Year/pages: 1987: 371 p.; ill.

Price: $26.50

Description: CMH Pub 70-25. Discusses how Union General Philip H. Sheridan rallied his men to turn defeat into victory on 19 October 1864.

Year/pages: 1990: 45 p.; ill.

Price: $3.75

Description: Staff Ride Guide. Describes the battle on 17 September 1862 when nearly 70,000 Federal troops actually engaged in the battle, nearly 13,000 were killed, wounded, or missing; the approximately 35,000 Confederates engaged lost almost as many. General McClellan's indecision allowed General Lee to withdraw to the safety of the Virginia shore.

Year/pages: 2006: 111 p.; ill.

Price: $13.00

Description: National Park Service Handbook 156. By Larry Gara, et al. On cover: Official National Park Handbook. Describes the many ways that blacks took to escape slavery in the southern United States before the Civil War. L.C card 97-52753. Item 649. Previously listed incorrectly under ISBN 0-16-061685-9.

Year/pages: 1997: 88 p.; ill.

Price: $10.00

Description: November 1999, Updated August 2001 and July 2004. Provides a detailed historic resource study of the properties included within Monocacy National Battlefield.

Year/pages: 2004: 352 p.; ill.

Price: $31.50

Description: CMH Pub 30-24. Army Historical Series. Freedom by the Sword tells the story of the Colored Troops recruitment, organization, and service. The broad focus is on every theater of the Civil War and its concentration on what black soldiers actually contributed to Union victory. Tells what they actually did as soldiers during the war. Examines the Colored Troops' formation, training, and operations during the entire span of their service, and in every theater of the war in which they served. Underscores the unique nature of their contributions bothto Union victory and to their own liberation.

Year/pages: 2011: 572 p.; ill.

Price: $58.00

Description: National Park Service Handbook 155. On cover: Official National Park Handbook. Describes the Civil War battles fought in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, and the condition of those battlefields today. L.C. card 99-33071.

Year/pages: 2000: 96 p.; ill.

Price: $14.00

Description: CMH Pub. 70-26. At head of title: Self-Guided Tour. 3d in a series of booklets on American battlefields intended to help soldiers use the past to enhance their understanding of the United States Army's future. Examines the Battle of Second Manassas in the form of a tour which goes to twelve locations important to aspects of the battle. Stops on the tour have been selected to help the visitor see the battle developing. L.C. card 89-48640. Item 344.

Year/pages: 1990: 76 p.; ill.

Price: $1.50

Description: CMH Pub. 70-61. Publication measures 9 x 12 in. Editor: General Gordon R. Sullivan. Art Editor: Marylou Gjernes. Consists chiefly of color reproductions from the Army Art Collection. The pictures are organized into geographic categories: The Americas; Europe; The Pacific and Asia; and Africa and the Middle East. Also includes a section on the artists and a brief history of the Army Art Collection. Although a few of the pictures depict the Civil War and World War 1, most of the art shows American soldiers during World War 2 or later wars. L.C. card 94-48597.

Year/pages: 1995: 203 p.; ill.

Price: $39.00

Description: U.S. Navy and the Vietnam War. This book focuses on events in the region between 1945 and 1965 and the growing U.S. concern over Communist inroads into the region. From the Chinese civil war to the French-Indochina war and the rise of Ho Chi Minh, this book describes U.S. response to the Communist movements in Asia and how the U.S. Navys role evolved from an advisory one to actual combat after the Tonkin Gulf attack of August 1964.

Year/pages: 2009: 58 p.; ill.

Price: $16.00

Description: Historical Handbook 9. Cover title reads: Gettysburg. Tells the story of the battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Describes the establishment of a cemetery at Gettysburg and the genesis of the Gettysburg Address. Also includes reproductions of 12 battle paintings by F. D. Briscoe. Item 649.

Year/pages: 1962: 64 p.; ill. revised ed. 1992-repr.

Price: $13.00

Description: National Park Service Handbook 35. Describes the historic features to be seen at Fort Union and exposes a cross section of the entire sweep of 19th century history in the Southwest. As a base of operations for both military and civilian ventures in New Mexico for 40 years, 1851 to 1891, Fort Union played a key role in shaping the destiny of the Southwest. Also includes appendix 1: Commanding Officers of Fort Union, 1859-61; Appendix 2: Regiments whose components were assigned to Fort Union. Item 649.

Year/pages: 1962: 72 p.; ill. repr.

Price: $8.40

Description: National Park Service Handbook 127. Describes the Confederate defenses of 1863-65 which kept Federal land and naval forces at bay for 587 days. L.C. card 84-600248. Item 649.

Year/pages: 1984: 64 p.; ill.

Price: $4.50

Description: National Park Handbook 110. On cover: Official National Park Handbook. Describes the life and times of Clara Barton. Provides a guide to the Clara Barton National Historic Site and related National Park Service sites. L.C. card 80-607838.

Year/pages: 1998: 80 p.; ill.

Price: $12.50

Description: CMH 70-65-1. By william T. Bowers, et al. Analyzes the operations of the all black 24th Infantry during the Korean War to determine how well the unit and its associated engineers and artillery performed. Asks whether deficiencies occurred. Seeks their military causes. Looks at how those influences and events intersected with the racial prejudices prevalent in that day. Gives a brief history of the service of black soldiers in the Civil War and World War 1.

Year/pages: 1966: 330 p.; ill.

Price: $31.50

Description: CMH 30-17-1. Army Historical Series. Traces the evolution of the corps from the appointment of the first signal officer on the eve of the Civil War, through its stages of growth and change, to its service in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990-91.

Year/pages: 1996: 464 p.; ill. repr.

Price: $40.00

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